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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews From the times when Indian Cinema saw a change and appeared in its new colorful avatar, flowers have played an undeniably vital role in its presence. The colors that make a frame beautiful and a worth watch, are best portrayed by blooms. When fresh blossoms, in their vibrant colors appear on the screen, it certainly lends a picturesque sight to the eyes and heals the mind too. That is the reason the film-makers came forward to capture this natures bounty and present it to the viewers with flair. From early 40s when the world was starting to digest the magic of cinema, especially in its latest version with colorful moving pictures, the journey of flowers started with Indian Cinema. There was no looking back since then. Art director geniuses from Indian Cinematic Arena have discovered, invented and re-invented all the possible shapes, shades and varieties of blooms and their nesting homes that can add a dramatic effect to the frame. Be it a dancing sequence, a romantic scene, a tragic frame or a heart touching death scene, flowers bring a unique distinction and add a story to each picture. Many filmmakers hunt for remote but magnificent flower-decked locations to shoot their films at and add a creative value to their conception. To name a few Indian Film Makers, Lt Shri Yash Chopra, Mr. Karan Johar and Mr. Suraj Badhjaatya have very skillfully chosen and portrayed some beautiful flower valleys and distinct locations from all over the world, in their romantic movies. This is the reason; all the romantic hearts love to watch their films and do not shy away from paying any amount to buy the tickets at multiplexes. Their films are the biggest hits, for the unmatched natures beauty they depict in their larger than life frames. Today, the magic of Indian Cinema has grown larger with an obvious boost in the choice of beautiful flower locations that the viewers desire to see. A beautifully captured shot with a magnificent backdrop is any day a wel.e sight than a violent portrayal. The colors, the pleasant scenery and the vibrant blossoms .e together to captivate the heart, relax the mind and ease a tired soul. May Indian Cinema sees the pinnacle of profound performances enveloped in these natures bountiful offerings. May we continue to treat our eyes with the pure and innocent creations that bring smiles to our faces when we move out of the movie theaters! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: