Former U.S. Secretary of state e-mail was exposed to Trump as the shame of the United States – China cosmax

Former U.S. Secretary of state Trump said the United States was exposed to email shame News Agency Beijing – in Washington in September 14, more than 14 U.S. media reported that former U.S. Secretary of state Powell recently by hackers to steal private email and be open. Call him in the mail in the Republican presidential candidate Trump is the shame, and accused the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary? Clinton tries to get involved themselves in "public private mail", in order to reduce Hilary’s responsibility. Was stolen by hackers in 14, published in the U.S. DCLeaks website. Powell’s spokesman, 14, confirmed the authenticity of the content of the media to the media on the, but declined to comment further. According to U.S. media reports MSNBC, email stolen a possible and relevant Russian hackers. Powell sent to a former aide said the message, Trump is a shame, is also an international rogue, his campaign was that part of the worst to attract Republican voters and poor whites, Trump is going on the road of self destruction, don’t need Democrats to attack him. Email content shows at the same time, Powell is also quite a lot of criticism of Hilary. Hilary has repeatedly said that in the mail on the issue, she is not isolated cases, Powell has also used private e-mail to deal with official information, and had suggested that she use a private mailbox. However, Powell said in a message to friends in a sarcastic manner that Hilary’s arrogance and arrogance could destroy everything she touches. He has repeatedly said to Hilary’s subordinates, trying to "mail" on the issue of his "drag" approach is wrong, but the other team is still bent on this. In addition, Powell also said that Hilary should take part of the responsibility for the incident in Benghazi. As of press time reporter, Trump and the Hilary campaign team did not respond to comments on the remarks of Mr. Powell. As a Republican, Powell in 2008 and in the presidential election in 2012 to support the incumbent president Obama. Some media analysts believe that Powell’s criticism of the views of both the president and the president of the United States, once again showed that this year’s presidential election, the two candidates are not popular with the public by the people of the world, the candidates are not popular with the public in this year’s presidential election, the candidates are not popular with the public. Another Republican celebrities, former Secretary of state Kissinger said in early September, he endorsed any candidate for this year will not be "". Due to pneumonia, Hilary has suspended the campaign this week, she has been in the state of New York melon home Chapa, will return to the campaign in 15 days. Since September, most of the national polls show that Hilary’s lead in the reduction of the, Ohio, the swing state, her support has been reversed. (end)相关的主题文章: