Gothic And Vampire Style Lolita

Business Lolita Cosplay that began in Japan has raged on all over the world and has some new additions to its vast (and ever growing) list of costumes. Two of the .mon styles are the gothic Lolita and the vampire styles Gothic Lolita Japanese cosplay teens generally wear these elaborate baby-doll costumes and sit pretty like beautiful and glamorous dolls. What began in 1999 as a French maid + Alice in Wonderland dressing has today grown to the Victorian Gothic costume. However the Japanese gothic Lolita costume is unlike the western gothic image. The gothic Lolita cosplay costume will have frilly and poofy skirts of mini to knee length (much like a hoopskirt) worn with elegant and ruffled Victorian-style blouses mostly black in color. The entire outfit is mostly black and white with a few variations including bright red, pastel pink and blue associated with baby-dolls. The pink and the blue is worn only over white (no black). Thigh high or knee high stocking adorn the legs and some may wear little white bows or ruffles or fish.s with or without holes. The stocking material is almost always black and opaque. An integral part of the costume is the headdress. Again in black and white and worn on the crown of the head, it is generally a small rectangular shaped headband with ribbons, ruffles or laces. Women wear curls (long or short and in black or brown color) on either side of their temples. Shoes are either platform heels or big platform shoes, chunky and log like. The whole look is given without any makeup except for red lipstick and black eyelashes and eyeliner. One of the main accessory here is the large pocket books some almost like suitcases and even bat or coffin shaped handbags. Vampire Knight Costume Made from uniform material, this outfit includes a coat, pants, skirt, armband and a bowknot. The headgear is mostly short brown hair in uneven cuts. Symbolizing faithfulness, control over the mind, affectionate and protective nature, this costume is generally worn by teens to new adults. The female vampire is named Ruka Sonen and the male as Yuki. The other vampire characters are Akatsuki Kain, Kaname, Karin Maaka and Shizuka. Each vampire has a unique and interesting story. For instance the descendant of purebred vampires, Karin Maaka unlike her predecessors cannot drink blood. Instead her body overproduces blood which she has to inject into someone by biting or she will have attacks of massive nosebleed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: