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GREE shareholders no applause broke out on the spot: Dong Mingzhu GREE did not reward you – Dong Jie says Sohu securities. October 28th, in Guangdong, Zhuhai GREE electric appliance Limited by Share Ltd (GREE, 000651) meeting room, GREE electric held an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders. GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu attended and presided over the meeting. Reporters learned that, Dong Mingzhu on the spot, bluntly, so far this year, the GREE shareholders’ meeting until the time she did not applaud. Dong Mingzhu analysis, there is no applause, some investors may be dissatisfied with GREE’s acquisition of silver long, she has seen on the Internet a variety of dissatisfaction with GREE’s acquisition of the low price of the shareholders of the acquisition of diluted profit speech. Here, Dong Mingzhu’s tone has improved a few degrees, what investors and speculators for an education description. "GREE is not ill treat you! I can’t say this at all. You look at the listed companies which have to give you a few dividends? I don’t give you a bonus for 5 years, what can you do with me?" "The more you give, the more you talk, two years to give you 18 billion points, you go to see which companies give you so much? GREE from 1 hundred million, from the profits of the company did not even lose money to do today, to achieve a profit of 13%, is to rely on you to come? It’s on our hearts." It is said that Dong Mingzhu, a temper down, live in perfect silence. Let Dong Mingzhu anger rising point, certainly not just the absence of applause. According to the October 30th announcement, in 28 of the provisional shareholders meeting, GREE appliances including "series of proposals on the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations", the bill was rejected. "On the company to issue shares to buy a specific object of the purchase of the assets of the motion" and other series of bills passed. Industry observers believe that the acquisition program is passed, set by the fund-raising plan is not, which makes GREE to be increased by raising, to buy the Zhuhai silver long and strengthen the control of listed companies, in an embarrassing. Future GREE how to promote this plan, it is unknown. Some analysts believe that this may be the main reason for the day Dong Mingzhu angry. However, GREE stakeholders stressed that Dong Zong did not really lose his temper. In August this year, GREE announced the acquisition of long silver and raise funds supporting scheme: GREE Electronics will issue 13 billion yuan to the valuation of the acquisition of shares silver long, after the completion of the transaction, GREE will hold 100% stake in Zhuhai Yinlong, diversified GREE electric appliances will be fully developed. At the same time, GREE also announced the non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds program: GREE intends to lock the price by way of to the GREE group, GREE electric ESOP, JETCO investment group and other 8 subscription of non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds, the total funds raised not more than 10 billion yuan. At that time, there are voices questioned said, GREE account itself there are tens of billions of dollars in cash, why would you want to issue additional shares to raise funds, Dong Mingzhu explained that: after the acquisition of GREE silver to expand new energy.相关的主题文章: