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Guangzhou nine years of both the couple a new tooth on the night to eat delicious meals – Beijing Beijing in September 24 Guangzhou Xinhua (Wang Hua Xiao Jin) Jinan University Guangzhou China announced 24 days of oral health care, successfully carried out wear zygomatic planting techniques, to grow new teeth of a 90 year old couple. Wear zygomatic cultivation technology has been hailed as a kind of International Department of Stomatology dental technology "Mount Qomolangma", the Swedish dental technology invention fixation by cheekbones, the difficulty is high and water become the evaluation of oral hospital expert level. The technique is suitable for maxilla resection, severe maxillary atrophy or edentulous patients". Last year, the Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology, Suihua and innovative team of experts will wear the current international zygoma implant technology and cultivation technology of the commanding heights of the Guangzhou China stomatological hospital exclusive technology joint implementation, so that the level of dental implant technology in the hospital greatly. According to the Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Suihua University Dean Lai Renfa introduced, zygomatic is part of the highest hardness of the bones of the human body, can resist the impact of boxing, to some extent, wear zygomatic implant planting technology is to cheekbones, has good stability, bearing capacity, and can shorten the course of treatment, reduce the amount of bone graft risk. But in this way the implant is longer, if doctors are not skilled are prone to sequelae. Dr. Suihua oral expert team successfully carried out in zygomatic implant technology at home and abroad, attracting a large number of patients come to treatment. On the day of the press conference, a pair of over nine years old husband and wife to share the new teeth, enjoy the experience of food. Grandpa Liu Hao is 91 years old this year, young toothache by local clinics to use early quack fire teeth, dentures, teeth changed much, was also tortured toothache for decades, the quality of life greatly affected. And his wife pan grandmother’s dental condition is more serious, only 4 teeth. For the two 90 year old man, eat food has become a luxury. The Affiliated Stomatological Hospital of Suihua and Dr. Feng Zhiqiang’s help, the couple both a new tooth, on the night to eat delicious meals, then can drink tea, eating chicken legs. Plenty of natural and energetic, old two mouth every morning practice, so that young people are amazed. Dr. Feng Zhiqiang said that the elderly patients such as less than the traditional dental implant on bone mass requirements, can still be considered in zygomatic implant, regain good teeth. (end)相关的主题文章: