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Hilary "mail door" in the lively and absurd.   Zou "house of cards" with a season after season, Hilary’s "mail door" is also a wave after wave, has been updated to version 3. The U.S. State Department confirmed that 22 of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) in the investigation of the Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton "mail" incident and found another 15 thousand letter has not been submitted to the State Council of the Hilary team is now working on a mail message, the content of the review, preparing for the official announcement relates to the mail content in. Although the content has not been exposed, but at the same time hundreds of pages of mail Hilary confidant of Abedin disclosed, exposure to the outside world in the office of Hilary to Secretary of state Clinton foundation through the exchange of interests and money from all over the world, this is undoubtedly a heavy bomb, presumably a lot of thought how to end. In March 2015, Hilary admitted his secretary of state during the use of private e-mail about 60 thousand emails, 30 thousand of these letters involving private life has been the team removed, remaining about 30 thousand letters allegedly official mail at the end of 2014 all over the State Council, but now broke the 15 thousand seal, regardless of whether the content of Hilary Madden, honesty is again discount. These messages are Hilary 2009 to 2013 during the Secretary of state, the use of private e-mail server to deal with official mail. According to the critics of the campaign, "the way it deals with e-mail endangers national security and is therefore not fit to be president". U.S. media criticism of the move also believes that the use of private servers may make the Secretary of state letters vulnerable to hacker attacks". Although the results of the investigation "of the Federal Bureau of investigation found no Democratic presidential nominee has violated the law of evidence, not filed criminal charges against Hilary, but Hilary in the key moments of the campaign has deep crisis of confidence. The more serious the problem is, with another batch of mail content exposure, American democracy is also a shady layer to open. The e-mails show that the Hilary campaign senior Democratic Party collusion, the default candidate runs with Democrat Saunders, discredit Republican Trump, participating in "money laundering", manipulating the media, many press releases are by Hilary I look after the table, also hired a large army for the Hilary campaign. In such a miserable situation, reminiscent of "used to be a decent man, but now a Perjurer, a thief, ghouls guilty, madman, fraud and blackmail experts molecular" Mark · Twain’s famous political satire "running for governor". Although the time has passed for more than 100 years, but the excavation of the dark side of the opponent’s history, the opponent’s personal problems, this kind of American democracy, the hangover will encounter the opportunity to attack. The United States said the election has a mature operating system, according to the "routine" cards, looks about the rules of the game, in fact, in person in the game is involuntarily, "free elections" reveals the irony, "American democracy" also can not make one false sense. It is worth noting that there have been public opinion that Hilary mail door pole;相关的主题文章: