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Health Teeth bleaching is a procedure that many people are pursuing today to make their teeth sparkle. A few years ago, whiter teeth were not that big a deal.. Today the teeth bleaching process is something you would want to do in order to give your teeth that pearly white look.Tooth whitening is not just a trend because teeth whitening does not just make our teeth look great, it helps them last longer. In addition to your normal brushing and flossing, using a teeth whitener can help improve the color of your teeth so you can smile with confidence. As we age, our tooth enamel gets darker due to changes in its structure. Our enamel will become less permealbe as we age, and thinner. Brushing regularly helps to keep them clean and minmize surface stains. These aging factors result in our teeth becoming more yeallow. Teeth bleaching was introduced as a result of these changes, and these teeth bleaching procedures are helping people to maintain the whiteness of their teeth and make them look great. To whiten the teeth, dentists use two different agents, carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These chemicals are used in the teeth whitening process. There are a number of foods that we consume that can cause staining of the teeth. Tooth brushing alone is usually not enough to remove these stains. Since everybody is look conscious today, the color of our teeth has become more and more important. There are a lot of differnet methods that you can take to get rid of the ugly discoloration of yellowed, stained teeth. A vistit to your dentist for recommended treatment is a good place to start. Your dentist may recommed teeth whitening products that are peroxide based. Therea are a number of teeth whitening comparisons amongst various home teeth whitening kits.Obviously, care should be taken with teeth whitening products that contain peroxide if you have a known allergy to it Teeth whitening for children under the age of 14 is not advised due to the possibility of damage to the the nerves in their teeth. Some of the risks in the process of teeth bleaching include: A temporary increase in tooth sensitivity, irritation of the gum tissue, and chemical burns if tissues are not protected properly, The fact that teeth bleaching can be done at home is very beneficial. Available teeth bleaching products you can use are trays, teeth whitening gels and tooth whitening kits that can be purchased at reasonable prices. Some times using a whitening toothpaste will remove external stains in a reasonable amount of time. Teeth bleachng procedures need to be touched up on a regular basis to maintain a great smile. If you really want a great smile, you should investigate the teeth bleaching products that are available to you. Whether you decide on at home teeth whitening kit or you go to your dentist for professional teeth bleaching procedures, you can be sure that you will feel better about your smile. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: