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How to avoid being captured? The old driver taught you look for all kinds of car camera – Sohu before the car is in the way, a large truck or other reasons will block the line of sight buddies is very troubled, because such a moment will be red light. There are some small partners, parking front pressure on the line when he was afraid to be photographed. The old driver to tell you is that not all of the cameras can shoot illegal, accidentally broke the red light is not a rush will be punished". Today, we will talk about the classification of the camera on the road and how to avoid running red lights. The camera on the road can be roughly divided into two types, one is the traffic control camera, shape is rectangular white, like a small stationery box when used, the main function is to the traffic on the road of real-time monitoring; the other is security surveillance cameras, its shape is spherical, the main the function is used to monitor the security situation of the road. Road surveillance cameras road surveillance cameras are mainly afraid of retrograde, lane change compaction line, illegal parking and other acts. Generally in the side of the road or the main road, the road side of the road. This type of camera for the white rectangular shape, generally installed in the side of the inverted "L" type white traffic poles. Public security surveillance cameras such cameras for ball shape camera, mainly used to monitor the road security situation. Do not belong to the traffic control camera, there is no capture traffic violations phenomenon function. That is to say, this kind of camera does not have any practical effect on drivers The white bar traffic peccancy monitoring camera the camera intersection is usually installed in the vicinity of the crossroads, a white rectangle shaped camera, usually in the camera beside similar rectangular sheet LED lights, lights are not bright during the day, the night will be shining high. Mainly used to capture red light, not according to the guide, illegal lane change, pressing, retrograde, vehicles occupy non motorized vehicles and other illegal acts. This kind of speed cameras as the name implies, camera is used to capture speed and speeding vehicles. The general speed monitoring is also a white rectangular shape camera installed in the white bar across the entire road traffic, also known as the "bayonet" radar gun will be "black plate" next to the camera. The general city expressway, national highway and provincial highway, on the road there are many, and it is positive to capture, you can clearly see the face, once was caught speeding traffic, if true, you don’t get the top package points. So, a lot of time to run a red light is not careless mistake, not subjective malice. So, the red light will not be punished? First of all, we need to know that the electronic eye is the pressure of the magnetic induction coil. The electronic eye of the intersection of the line before and after are dug diamond trough, buried induction coil. The electronic eye to capture 3 photos to confirm the owner of red light: A, can reflect the vehicle did not arrive at the stop line of the picture, and can clearly identify the type of vehicles, traffic lights, red light stop line; B, can reflect the vehicle has crossed the stop line of the picture, and to clearly identify the type of vehicle.相关的主题文章: