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Health The pause of flow of air intake while sleeping is called as sleep apnea. This sleeping disorder makes the patient miss one or two breaths while he is asleep. This cycle continues frequently, making the person wake up .pletely and thereby disrupting the sleep pattern. Thankfully, with the advancements in medical technology there is a perfect solution for this sleeping problem. The use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) Mask is the best treatment available today for sleep apnea. These CPAP machines where invented by Professor Colin Sullivan in 1981. The CPAP masks .monly referred as the breathing machines helps the people to keep the air passage of the body open, so that they can breathe without any interruption. Though the CPAP mask helps the people to sleep well without disruption, many of them find it very much difficult to adjust to the new sleep regimen. Hence it is very much important to choose the CPAP mask that gives a perfect fit. Understanding the working principle of the CPAP masks will help you to choose the best .fortable machine for the sleeping problem. The CPAP masks resemble the looks of a ventilator but have a very different working principle. Unlike the ventilators, the CPAP machines open up the air passage by creating a positive pressure. These machines only push the air into the respiratory system during the sleep apnea cycle. I.e. These machines only help during the intake of air and the air exhaust is done by our body itself. Wearing the CPAP masks during sleep can make people feel un.fortable, especially if the mask is bulky, hard, heavy, and noisy or causes skin irritation. People using the CPAP masks face five main problems such as air leakage, pressure from headgear, limited sleep positions, skin irritation and noise. However, with the advancements in technology, all these 5 difficulties have been over.e. The Cloth Nasal Mask is a new product that allows the people to continue their CPAP therapy without experiencing the 5 main problems of the conventional CPAP machines. This is how the Cloth Nasal Mask the difficulties faced by using the conventional CPAP machines: 1. The cloth material inflates like a balloon, hugging the skin and thereby reducing the air leakage 2. Very little tension is needed in the headgear because you dont need to keep tightening to headgear to get a good seal. 3. With no rigid buckles, clips or faceplates you can sleep in any position of your preference. 4. As a non-allergic cloth is used, there are reduced chances for skin irritation 5. These cloth masks make use of exhalation holes instead of an exhaust valve so only negligible level of noise is produced. CPAP therapy will be effective only if continue with it, which you will do only if you feel .fortable with the mask used. Hence it is always good to choose the Cloth Nasal Mask that eliminates the 5 main factors that causes dis.fort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: