How To Grow Sprouts – Essential Things You Should Be Aware

Health If you find it extremely difficult to find sprouts of your choice in your local market or grocery store, why don’t you grow them at the .fort of your own home? It’s very simple to do and can even be a fun activity to do with your kids on weekends. You can ask your son or daughter to help you grow sprouts in your kitchen and enjoy the little pleasures of witnessing the seeds undergoing the germination process. Here are some of the best seeds or nuts to sprout: alfalfa, clover, garbanzo, mung, lentil, almonds, wheat berries and rye. You can also use other seeds that you can buy youre your local market depending on whether you are in a cold or tropical country. Basically, you can sprout any seed or legume, whole grain or nut that has not yet been processed or cooked. Sprouts are very good sources of vitamin C, calcium and minerals. Here’s how: 1. Choose the seed, grain or nut to sprout and wash it well. Make sure that your sprout is untreated or cooked. 2. Use a clean quart jar to contain your untreated seeds. Transparent jars are better containers for your sprouts since you can easily monitor from the outside the entire process of sprouting. 3. Put about 3 tablespoons of small seeds or 1/2 cup c. grains or large beans in a clean quart jar. 4. Add clean water about four times their volume and soak the seeds for 5-8 hours. Larger seeds require longer soaking time. 5. Cover the jar with cheesecloth and secure it wit a rubber band or a jar ring. The cheesecloth serves as the strainer and facilitates easy release of water. 6. After the desired soaking time, drain the seeds. Wash it well with lukewarm water. Make sure that you drain the seeds .pletely. Excessive water in your seeds causes the seeds to rot. 7. Tilt the jar and let the seeds spread on the sides. Place the jar in a dark and warm (about 75 degrees F). The dark environment is ideal for faster germination of the seeds. 8. Wash the seeds 3-5 times a day. Dry it well after each rinse and return to a warm dark place. 9. Sprouts will begin to appear on the third day. Harvest the sprouts when the secondary leaves or shoots start to appear. By this time the seeds have already reached their peak of flavor and nutritional value. 10. Wash the newly harvested sprouts with water and store in the refrigerator. Health Tips: It is important that you use clean water in growing your sprouts. When you soak your seeds with contaminated water, it can be absorbed by the seeds and can cause adverse effect on your health. Spring or purified water is best to use in sprouting. Each time you drain your seeds, you can use the excess water on your plants– they are very potent fertilizers. Some people even use this as a mixture to their fruit shakes. If you are new to eating sprouts, dont make too much at first. Wait until you are accustomed to its taste before you prepare more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: