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Ecommerce For understanding let us divide ourselves in two categories keeping in mind these may be mutually inclusive or inter-changeable. This categorization is from the point of view of Internet buyers and internet sellers. Most of the threats which cripple most internet users are related to money. Let us consider the aspects of Online shopping where there is an exchange of goods for money online. As we know these transactions are carried out through credit cards or debit cards. When as a buyer you visit a website you select some products or services and add them to your shopping cart where you are supposed to fill out your credit card details. It is very important you reveal your information only to the websites which have Ssl certificates . Such certificate provides the basic validation and authentication for the customers assuring through SSL encryption that the information is kept private between your web browsers and your client’s web server. Same applies to you if you are planning to run an online business. In case you are selling a range of products and services online through your shopping portal you will require higher encryption standards for your customers using older versions of browsers. It also assures your corporate identity on the internet. As your level of certification increases your customers are assured on increased security. You can even include multiple sub domains. When you browse internet to buy products you expect consistency in the web presence of the seller. You are concerned about secured transaction. You expect the online shop from which you buy or sell is available before, during as well as after sale service. In case you find a certain website down due to server problems you hardly rely on it. The credibility of such websites comes under question. If you are its owner, you will surely find a decline in your sales sooner or later. To avoid this now a days E-commerce websites choose Cloud hosting . You have to check whether your web host provides it. If not, better switch to a good web hosting company which may charge you a bit higher but would provide you the latest technology. Another important factor is your domain registration. Your website can get hacked easily if your domain registrar does not include domain theft protection. It is not necessary that you continue with same domain registrar if you aren’t satisfied with his service. You can switch to a different registrar who provides you many additional services such as unlimited mail forwards, domain theft protection, domain forwarding, bulk tools, DNS management, user-friendly Control panel, dedicated support along with Domain transfer facility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: