HUAWEI glory play 6x started to experience enough continuous overlay function configuration in the e k-boxing

HUAWEI glory play 6X started to experience enough: continuous overlay function in October 18th HUAWEI glory conference held at the Xi’an terminal configuration, launched a thousand flagship game of 6X. At the press conference, the glory of President Zhao Ming said the maximum sentence is "glory play 6X redefines thousand yuan flagship". Is not really redefine the thousand dollars flagship, we do not say, but thousands of machines equipped with a dual camera is an indisputable fact. Under the dual camera technology into the thousands of machines, glory may not be the first, but experienced the glory of 8 precipitation, technically more mature. Compared to the flagship product, the machine is characterized by thousands of features and experience. So for this 999 yuan glory smooth play 6X, its experience and how? We slowly say. No surprise in appearance on the market some thousand yuan mobile phone has begun using metal body design integration, at this point, 6X did not follow the glory smooth play. The back of the 6X is still using three – stage design, the upper and lower plastic materials are in the middle of a stamping metal plate. In this way, the use of three different materials, the design of the relative metal integration, the number of some cheap. The three section design, 6X and dual camera in addition to the material, the most prominent is the dual camera back playing 6X. A dual camera that unlike the glory of 8 across the back of the upper left corner, but placed vertically in the center, some quite symmetrical means. However, upright, slightly raised two cameras in the vision does not seem so lovable. Of course, the radish leaves, do not have to look at personal love. Appears to be some long "Chin" another dispute is relatively large is the front of the long chin". Do not play the 6X entity key, but the three virtual buttons on the screen, so that not only is "some long chin", but in the actual operation of the process will be a bit inconvenient, especially when one hand typing. Specific to the sensory aspects, as a result of the virtual buttons occupy a certain position of the screen, the same screen size of the phone, the screen will feel a little 6X. This feeling is real, because I used to use the same 5.5 inches screen phone, so 6X is a strong feeling to get started. This seems to play 6X appearance does not seem to be too much of a surprise to this point can only say that does not surprise appearance on the vision. Play the back of the 6X really like place that play 6X feel. First said behind the metal part of the coating – Conference on the glory of President Zhao Ming referred to the metal skin texture. 6X play back feels like some sandblasting process, but many delicate than sandblasting, it does not feel fine sand, but to smooth. Curved design legend of the "Bessel curve" on both sides of the fuselage with the curvature of the fuselage on both sides of the grip considerably. Play 6X on both sides of the fuselage has a certain radian, officially known as the "Bessel curve", this design may be visual and no official propaganda as well, but the grip is round)相关的主题文章: