Hubei launched the two card integration reform only run a business self-employed registration

Hubei launched the "two card integration" reform   only run a business self-employed registration window – Hubei Channel – original title: the self-employed business registration only ran a window to the newspaper news (reporter Wang Gang correspondent Xiao Min Li Taifeng suspended to Shangguan peak) yesterday I held a TV phone, in the province to mobilize the deployment of the implementation of enterprise "five one, according to a code and individual industrial and commercial households" two card integration "registration system reform work. Since October 1st, the two reforms will be implemented in the whole province. In September 1st this year, the city took the lead in the implementation of "five one" new deal, and awarded the first "five in one" business license. Individual industrial and commercial households "two card integration", refers to the business license by the business sector to individual businesses issued by loading "unified social credit code", the business license is the original business and the business license issued by the tax authorities of tax registration certificate, the tax department is no longer issuing the certificate of tax registration. Tomorrow, when the applicant for individual industrial and commercial household registration, only need to fill in a "table", to the business sector "window" submitted a "set of materials" can be. For the complete data, the applicant can receive the "unified social credit code" business license within 3 working days. When the registered individual industrial and commercial households apply for the change registration or replacement, they will renew the business license of "unified social credit code". (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 湖北启动“两证整合”改革 个体户登记只用跑工商一个窗口–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:个体户登记只用跑工商一个窗口   本报讯(记者王刚 通讯员上官晓敏 向悬峰 李泰峰)昨日我省召开电视电话会,在全省动员部署实施企业“五证合一、一照一码”暨个体工商户“两证整合”登记制度改革工作。10月1日起,两项改革将在全省范围全面实施。   今年9月1日,我市率先实施“五证合一”新政,并颁发了全省首份“五证合一”营业执照。   个体工商户的“两证整合”,是指由工商部门向个体工商户核发加载“统一社会信用代码”的营业执照,该营业执照具有原工商颁发的营业执照和税务机关税务登记证的功能,税务部门不再发放税务登记证。   明日起,申请人办理个体工商户注册登记时,只需填写“一张表”,向工商部门“一个窗口”提交“一套材料”即可。对资料齐全的,申请人在3个工作日内即可领取到加载“统一社会信用代码”的营业执照。   已登记个体工商户在申请办理变更登记或换照时,将统一换发加载“统一社会信用代码”的营业执照。 (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: