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In the world the biggest Pagoda in Borobudur, enjoy a feast of sunrise – the highest value of Yan tourism Sohu Shenwei Globetrotters, Chibian world best-selling author, the pursuit of the ultimate enjoyment by. Also a TV presenter, radio DJ, Logis Le Relais Gourmand columnist. The author of "one day, I met the world", "go! While youth and dreams are still there, "enjoying Europe", etc.. Sina micro-blog: @ Shenwei Youku: Global traveler Shenwei live account number: 42810020 – – – – – there are a world’s largest stupa in Indonesia: Borobudur. It is associated with the Angkor Wat in Kampuchea, the Pyramid in Egypt, and the the Great Wall in China, known as the four wonders of the ancient east. But it is such a invested a lot of manpower and material resources and effort, built in 1200, the magnificent building, but shortly after the completion of the mysterious evaporation of the world. It was not until 800 years later that we came back to our eyes. So here, the most or the Indonesian tourists, hooded black clad girls, and with a simple smile boy, I see the distance to the stranger, clamoring to take pictures with me, crow wrapped coat irrepressible fun happy. Together with them to visit, is more like a spring outing mentality, less travel rush, more language exchange but well intentioned smile. Distance from the last trip, but after a lapse of a year, once again came to Yogyakarta, but because of AMANJIWO, this place in the wilderness of the magnificent temple. With the drizzle came to Yogyakarta from the airport to the hotel. Under the car, the rain stopped, I let the car lobby to lay down their luggage, and I get off early, along the verdant trees to hide, through a row of walls built of limestone, AMANJIWO slowly appeared in front. The layers of circular shape, the top wall? Wave shape, with the structure of Borobudur, such as the order, a terrace connected to the plain farmland, periphery has a ring of lotus pool surround. Looks like a gorgeous palace rising from the water. The palace wall hollow brick wall with staggered, diamond effect as if I lived in Borobudur. The red scarf wrapped around the head of the sarong floral flower girl, blessing at the entrance and rose petals. At the reception hall dome, eyes through the thin mist, click into place, the Borobudur spire appears in front of. Just as in Borobudur nearly 1000 years ago saw a building arch, the tower’s stunning order. Pick the high hall hanging ceiling fans, with bamboo instruments beat out ethereal voice, drink a warm ginger water, wearing warm yellow embroidered clothes to my old aunt, she served in a basket in the selection of all kinds of snacks, there are around the Griddle Cake fried golden, green bamboo leaves of lettuce let me chill fading. 36 independent hotel, arranged in the meniscus. In the surrounding limestone wall and tall!相关的主题文章: