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Indonesia invite Japan to build high-speed rail as the media: "lost" Chinese compensation of the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant picture: Japan’s Shinkansen Reference News Network reported on October 9th Indonesia’s transport minister Sumadi said on October 8th, Japan has invited Jakarta to submit second Surabaya City railway construction project. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on October 9th, took over in July this year, the transport minister Sumadi told the Reuters in the first interviews with foreign media, after a total length of 600 km of railway is completed, traffic time is only about 5 hours shorter than the original more than half. Sumadi said that Japan can provide financing for the railway project, Indonesian companies and Japanese companies can cooperate to build the project. Sumadi said, we will give priority to japan." He said the project could include the construction of a new railway, the upgrading of existing tracks, as well as the supply of railway rolling stock (rolling stock). Reported that Japan has long been one of Indonesia’s largest investment country, but last year, Indonesia decided to entrust China to build the first high-speed rail project, so that Japan’s investment in Indonesia suffered a major blow. The first high-speed railway linking the capital Jakarta and Indonesia’s textile industry base in Bandung, estimated construction cost of up to $5 billion 500 million. Reported that the China Indonesia construction of the first high-speed rail construction case, be regarded as the development of "The Belt and Road", to become a global supplier of railway Chinese a victory. Analysts pointed out that the choice of high iron China Indonesia in the China scheme and Japan competing situation, the reason is China high-speed rail construction scheme does not require the Indonesian government financial guarantees, debt guarantees and low interest rate scenarios require Japanese yen loans to the government of indonesia. Indonesia is now invited to Japan to give priority to Jakarta – Surabaya railway construction program is considered to be returned to Japan, Indonesia, a human". Sumadi said, compared with Jakarta Bandung high-speed rail project, Jakarta – Surabaya railway construction project cost is low, because the railway speed is slow, and most of the land has been made. Sumadi also said that the Indonesian government is unlikely to provide guarantees for the project. (source: Reference News Network) responsibility editor: Lee bolt SF171相关的主题文章: