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Computers-and-Technology With the latest trends in technology and developments in the computer science, India is all set to reach great heights of success in cloud computing services. This technology simply put is all about offering IT related resources for instance, storage, network, computing, application as a service and system security and many more. These services are usually charged on the basis on the usage. This concept of usage-based pricing has been a successful pricing model over the past few years owing to its cost-effective nature that provides the user maximum benefit. Cloud computing services in India are all set to bring an innovation in the way users compute today. A selected few segments that can reap the benefits are discussed below:- * Colleges, Schools and Universities can adopt the latest R&D solutions that would offer access to the innovative technologies at a reasonable price * Long Tail Business Units, can make use of the CRM accessible on the Cloud to send SMS greetings and other communications to their customers * New Innovative Business Firms can operate their business on cloud having an office set up at home. * Multimedia Content Providers with Cloud computing technologies are able to disseminate their digital content to numerous consumers at a lesser price. Cloud Computing Service providers in India Today, India has eminent market players in Cloud Computing services that offer a bouquet of features and facilities through their comprehensive range of public cloud platform. The advanced features ensure online provisioning, management and incorporate a pay per use model for your IT infrastructure anytime, anywhere through the web. Some of the offers and features are listed below- * Allows every user to self-provision servers, storage infrastructure network, real-time from anywhere, anytime * All the resources are availed through a secure connection * Assists in instant deployment of new Servers with no capital expenditure on hardware and software * Highly accessible multi-tenant environment * Next-stage IaaS platform – ‘VPDC * On-demand Computing and Storage facilities * Instant scalability * Pay-as-you-use existent in your own data centre * Service flexibility with scale servers and storage in real time * Industry leading SLAs backed by services credits These would be some of the features of the services provided. In addition to that, there are other types of cloud computing services such as the SimpliCoud, that help in reporting and tracking on every crucial event in the user application lifecycle. Other names would include the private cloud computing services. This apart, renowned cloud computing providers also deals in efficient firewall services that provides security and safety to your computing process and helps you to retrieve any lost data. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: