Internet TV brand war in the end how long can burn norton disk doctor

Internet TV brand war in the end how long can burn? The price war will never burn out users, just a numbers game: rely on a large number of attractive beyond people’s expectations of price, we only short-term blowout of the market sales, and the user scale looks very beautiful. But for those who always head to the low prices for consumption, no loyalty. Author: Peter Watcyn   source: home appliances circle just past September, a large number of Internet TV set new low price war, once again led the industry, market and consumer concerns. Why in the past two years, Internet TV brands have to fight price war? These Internet TV brand low price war, how long can burn? In fact, in music, PPTV, cool open and a number of Internet TV brand low price war behind, is a group of former high-profile Internet companies to enter the television industry, is suffering from "death damages": a stagnant market, marketing and promotion was shut down. Shuffle tide is hitting all Internet TV companies. After a low price war came back into the era of flat-panel TV arena TV industry did not expect, but just a few years, a 50 inch smart TV prices actually fell below 2000 yuan, not a mainstream brand 5 inch smart mobile phone price. Since entering in September, a large number of "dressed in Internet TV brand" coat of the enterprise, to brand day, the name of the day, in the Chinese color TV market began a round of low price war. And, also announced the gains beyond the imagination of the performance. The TV is still unknown, claimed that the whole network reservation over 450 thousand units. Behind it is: 42 inch smart TV 1199 yuan, 4K50 inch smart TV to sell $1999. Hit a low price of the color TV industry. Similarly back to the Chinese Cultural Fund’s Micro whale TV claimed that the entire network booking over 318 thousand units. The price of related TV products, but also to create a new low, and shouted a free value than the slogan. Su Ningyun said PPTV backed by mountains, sold over 96 thousand units in 15 minutes. This time, PPTV did not play a low price war, but learn from the music as the hardware free launched 0 yuan purchase, buy members to send tv. Music, as the target is directed at 4 billion yuan, deducting mobile phones, accessories and other hardware. Rough estimate, as the super TV sales of nearly one million units (actually completed about 800000). Similarly, in order to achieve this goal, as the music continues to achieve buy members Send hardware play. All hardware TV, as long as the relevant members of the purchase will be sent free of charge. Although in this round of low price war, storm TV, millet TV did not announce to follow up, but as the Internet TV brand to this round of low price war, apparently only faced an embarrassing situation. Why Internet companies can play low prices, this round of low price war protagonist, all of which are Internet TV brands. There is no traditional color TV companies figure. The reason behind this phenomenon is very simple, in the color TV market competition, in addition to the low price war, Internet TV brands can no longer find other better ways. .相关的主题文章: