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Into the shop,! How do you know how to make French steak and star buffet? Sohu – eating steak to subvert the self-help, I love you more than one way – not to blink eyes of organic cauliflower Orlean fried rice beans fried clams sirloin ribs sauce burning incense at Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion pasta and chicken fried cabbage boiled beef Basa fruit pizza pizza Hong Kong style Egg Tart onion colorful shrimp fries as closely linked as flesh and blood Scallop in Shell fans of Hong Kong Style salmon? Boiled fish squid Vegetable Salad Qiao seafood with Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce Thai chicken blueberry yam puree ingenuity peanut coffee I’m not reported to the dishes, I practiced the food 139 dishes of tongue twisters. So what the hell is this, buffet?! Steak subversion self-help, everything to give you a good look at the 1 look at the handsome steak chef, the whole process of French steak plate and self-help when to get together?! Isn’t that neither fish nor fowl Mody, leaving aside the taste, look through the kitchen quietly watching the handsome star chef French steak plate, rose red and black pepper juice, salt and pepper and mayonnaise, in which you love most certainly. Each girl had YY drive, refined and courteous gentleman, with their higher French restaurant, have a romantic candlelight dinner, watching the perfect French plate not to eat… Aukland beef steak, entrance to the tender words, cut the beef tender and soft, more suitable for children to eat deep-sea fish mom, take the kids to the party here, safe and warm. 12600 square meters of the restaurant, only qualified to accommodate the 139 kinds of food. 2 five seafood overlord, choose 100 yuan per capita steak buffet, even eat 9 kinds of seafood, sashimi, bream direct entrance, the octopus must, nature is essential, seafood processing zones are roast oyster saury is dizzying. A famous delicacy Master addicted to instant incarnation of Alaska snow crab kuangmo, crab legs down, this story tells us that love should not overdo sth. or how, in front of people who love elegant, do not imitate… 3 to subvert the traditional steak, steak buffet in the star no matter how you influenced by western culture, is still seen, boiled sirloin fish can’t walk. Oh some time ago in the popular chicken pot here to eat, the key is do not line up. A hull Xiang can?! 4 Tiao with sense of Sichuan dish loves Thai chicken, sweet and sour Q, each time by the grab to eat delicacies, quietly tell you all-match sauce is magical, who knows who dip. 5 western fast food snacks, who do you love most? Bear children Western-style food snacks paradise, recommended coarse chips and Hong Kong style Egg Tart, also yuan相关的主题文章: