Japan and the United States and South Korea want to build sanctions against the encirclement of the soojin

Japan and South Korea to build sanctions to convince China by adding reference news network reported on September 23rd Japanese media said South Korea by heads of state to attend the UN General Assembly of the machine, stepping up to the nuclear test by the north building to strengthen sanctions against the DPRK by. According to the Nikkei Chinese network reported on September 21st, on the afternoon of September 22nd, Andouble attended the general assembly of the general debate and delivered a speech, the use of a rare harsh condemnation of North korea. Andouble during the UN General Assembly, respectively, with Obama, British Prime Minister ·, Mei and the UN secretary general, such as the meeting held by the president of the United States, called for the strengthening of sanctions against North Korea, such as the United States and the United Nations General Assembly, held in the United Nations general assembly, held talks with the United Nations General Assembly on. Obama also attended the 20 term of the United Nations General Assembly general debate and delivered a speech, said, North Korea nuclear test to bring us danger". South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi also plans to hold talks with foreign ministers in more than 15 countries, including North Korea, by the end of 22. Reported that the United States and Japan have stepped up efforts to promote the Council to strengthen sanctions against North Korea, because North Korea’s nuclear and missile technology has become a real threat. Reported that North Korea announced the successful launch of 20 new rocket engine ignition test, the engine is considered as an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Seems to be preparing for the next nuclear test. The Korean labor party 71 anniversary in October 10th will become an important node, if not timely introduction of sanctions measures will expose the international community to coordinate the pace of chaos. Reported that, as a new Security Council sanctions, South Korea will discuss North Korea’s civil coal and iron ore exports added to the object of sanctions, these products in March a new round of sanctions against North Korea on the occasion of the object of sanctions. Andouble, 21, called on China to cooperate on the issue of North korea. According to the Japanese government sources, the Japanese government plans to strengthen the level of dialogue and other aspects of China’s lobbying through the transaction level, and strive to sanctions resolution by the Security Council against the dprk. China is also facing a dilemma, the report said. If you continue to tolerate provocation by North Korea, Japan and the United States and South Korea will strengthen security cooperation, is likely to pose a threat to china. However, China is also worried that severe sanctions led to chaos in the Korean system, will have a negative impact on the country. China is still opposed to sanctions, such as a comprehensive ban on oil supplies.相关的主题文章: