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The introduction of Ji’nan property purchase restrictions rules not in the same family, a common house each introduction of Ji’nan property purchase restrictions "rules" not in the same family, a set of common purchase the Xinhua news agency in Ji’nan on October 8th news (reporter Wang Zhi) Ji’nan municipal urban and Rural Construction Committee, the housing and Real Estate Management Bureau and other five departments jointly issued the Ji’nan housing 7 days the purchase of the "rules", a clear time to purchase housing sales contracts signed time, the time of signing the contract in October 3rd before midnight, not limited purchase policy restrictions; two more common house and a common purchase with a non resident family, according to a common purchase respectively to the purchase of a new housing. It is understood that since October 3rd, Ji’nan City, the city residence households in the city within the housing has 3 sets (including the purchase, the spouse and minor children), suspended in part area of Ji’nan city (including Lixia District, central city, Huaiyin District, Flyover District, Licheng District, high tech area) the sale of housing (including new housing and second-hand housing); non family residence in the city in the area of the city, part of the purchase of a house without housing. According to the "rules", refers to the permanent residents in Ji’nan city with Ji’nan city and three counties and one city Hukou households (including some family members of permanent residents of the home city); family owned housing units to purchase new households in Ji’nan urban area has to do the new commercial housing contract online, the registration of real estate, housing reform and procedures for the purchase of second-hand housing contract online housing units for quasi. The applicant in a certain part of the share of housing, according to its own housing. Ji’nan city clear, to provide false evidence or information by qualified buyers purchase, once verified, will be canceled the purchase eligibility, credited to the personal bad credit records, if the circumstances are serious, shall be investigated for responsibility, the losses caused by the buyers themselves. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: