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Kangli excellent blue Liu Xuenan: ten years to build China robot dreams create – Sohu, the April Sharpay science and technology wise things lead with technology: ten years ago, graduated from Harbin Institute of green young Liu Xuenan because of Bill Gates’s words and began the entrepreneurial path in robot field. Ten years later, Kang excellent blue although halfway through the rough, but fortunately the company not only survive and operate well. Kangli excellent blue robot into the field of research and development of intelligent robot in 2006, pre product in early childhood entertainment robot. The name of the "force" and "excellent blue" are behind the main investor to lift the power and purple stock, this is one of the two listed companies backed by technology companies, this is the best witness Liu nearly 10 years of entrepreneurial path. Kang excellent blue is also one of the core partners of Intel technology in the field of robotics, standing on the node for ten years to look forward to the future, or rely on industry cooperation, common development. Ten years of Entrepreneurship: hold the turning point of the industry founder Liu Xuenan graduated from Harbin Institute of marketing major. "We were hit in the first batch of professional graduates," Liu recalled. After Liu has been entering the community in some large companies as a marketing management role. Based on the understanding of marketing and then by Bill Gates for "robots will change the world" impassioned statement of the effect, Liu Xuenan decided to devote himself to the field of entrepreneurship robot industry. In 2007, the first prototype was built in Shenzhen, then moved to Beijing. According to Liu, before he also tried other areas of business, but due to lack of experience and not persist. But for the idea of the robot is not the same, it seems that the concept of artificial intelligence is still too advanced, but also experienced a downturn in entrepreneurship, lack of funds. Then inquire around and multi resources, finally in 2009 introduced a new shareholder and capital, and re registered in Shenzhen set up Jess Valley technology company, later introduced Thunis, canny elevator shares after the last company grows, and won the domestic robotic company in the entrepreneurial process first ISO9001 certification, then a member unit of the national standard of service robot group and national robot testing personnel alliance. In the interview, Liu Xuenan said, the first time in Beijing to start because of the time too early, people for the robot in the future will become the mainstream consciousness is not strong, when the robot technology has become a mainstream business in Beijing has than their time nearly five years later, due to the early days of frustration, also inspired to the era of hot time for an accurate prediction in considering a long-term thing. With the development of industry, artificial intelligence began to gradually enter the industrial line, but also began to approach people’s lives, which is the robot industry to enter the market in the background of the critical moment. Product advantages: all series robot to modular Liu Xuenan said that in 2006 when the first start-up of intelligent service robot, we want the robot himself to position in business development.相关的主题文章: