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Learn to "soft water" tricks, you are afraid of their own stem bark? Sohu winter really let Xiaobian love hate love season, it’s cool and dry may hate it, after a period of time is to peel the rhythm, so the winter skin is important. As a result of the small series do not often make up the omission of this super invincible big trouble, daily skin care on the OK. 1? & remover; before cleansing small in cold and dry in the north, most can not stand is the winter haze, feeling out one day all is black, it must make up remover work, especially the makeup of the sisters, lazy have to put makeup unloaded, or second days to the dog. Cleansing is very important for girls skin care steps, washing the face feel water supple and tender. Remover will have to mention evelom cleansing cream, good use of small series do not want to do more presentations. There is no need to do second times as long as the correct use of the steps (there are steps to use the video on the Internet). If you usually only rub isolation sunscreen do not need to use evelom remover every day, because it is itself with particles, the role of exfoliating, if frequent use will make the skin sensitive. Thin must be rubbed into the hands and then on the face of the oil, so it will not go horny. Usually do not go to the small series of exfoliating products, this is enough. Long term use of words on the face of small oil capsules, closed, acne and blackhead will also reduce. Small is the kind of big brown face never sensitive, and the cleansing of instant noodles have inexplicable affection, love the school with Innisfree cleansing, reason is that the foam and washing the face feel very clean, if not foaming I can think how to wash do not wash clean. The omorovicza simple and simple facial cleanser Xiaobian favorite, usually make-up can also use omorovicza Cleansing Balm, it is easy to play a rich foam, wash the face is also very refreshing. Evaluation also said it was very mild. 2? Water make-up water, Xiao Bian had used before sister SK-II, feeling no comment so exaggerated, but this kind of thing skincare is a honey arsenic It differs from man to man., B. Mixed partial oil is very suitable for the use of the words, then, with a cotton pad on the face second days will be much better. Long term will be a lot of smooth skin. But I don’t like it. 3? The essence is suitable for all skin types especially dry skin Chantecaille flowers Yan vitalishing essence is the Savior, in the use of make-up water can be used. Very good on the face is particularly easy to absorb, but also around the eye can be used, the natural system is very mild, it will not long Zhifang Li and other issues. This is not a professional moisturizing essence, but in the autumn or winter moisturizing effect is good. The love of skin and skin pox. All the small purple bottle of moisturizing cream, the first ever COSMO awards beauty liquid department, a water extract is very famous, light texture is translucent color, moisturizing artifact is very moist, very fresh and cool, because it is the essence of water before and after cleansing the.相关的主题文章: