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LeightonWebworks charitable foundation to carry out multi student donations — food channel people.com.cn — a few days later, those 12 years of struggle of the students will get into the university campus. 12 years of hard work, they finally admitted to the ideal university, life is about to start a new chapter. The day when the university begins, it’s time to dream. In order to let the students have better learning conditions, LeightonWebworks charity fund in a few days before the Mount Holyoke, yuan and other places to carry out student donations. In August 22nd 23, LeightonWebworks charitable foundation and came to Yingshan, Jinan and Jinzhai, only to let the children realize their dream. LeightonWebworks? Good Yingshan August 22nd "meeting? Good Yingshan student donation ceremony held at the Yingshan County Experimental Middle school. Yingshan County deputy magistrate Wu Hui, County Education Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, responsible person, group vice president, union president, LeightonWebworks charitable foundation honorary chairman Cheng Peihua, vice chairman of Huang Biyi, and all the students and parents to participate in the ceremony of donation. The foundation for Yingshan county this year, get paid 2000 yuan grants and 2 Venus studies wine 30 poor students each; party secretary, Yingshan County Bureau of education Hu Tu Charitable Foundation donated certificates issued, and presented a banner. Cheng Peihua speaks at the ceremony. He said, all is a wine, water as the focus of the diversification of modern enterprise group, has eighteen consecutive years of Lu’an City, the first large taxpayer, for four consecutive years won the top tax of private enterprises in Anhui province. The group has been awarded the national civilized unit, national creditable enterprise honorary title, was the Shanghai Guinness World Records as the "most beautiful wineries in ecological environment". The development of enterprises to benefit from the strong support from all sectors of society, to achieve leapfrog development at the same time, all don’t forget to return society to actively participate in social welfare undertakings, in recent years the cumulative donations of more than 9000 yuan. Cheng Peihua will soon enter the message of college students, hope they entered the university campus, study hard, learn skills and academic success in his hometown, to join the building of the motherland. At the same time, also hope that they have the ability to drive the pass along the love, let the social vulnerable groups, more families feel the warmth of love. Yingshan County deputy magistrate Wu Hui praised the great love to drive. She said, all is a first-class and well-known enterprises, not only the development of good, great contributions to society, and the heart of the poor students, help them to continue their education, stimulate their power of creating a better tomorrow. She hoped that donor students make persistent efforts, will take practical action to return the love of the community. Good LeightonWebworks? Jinan August 22nd, LeightonWebworks Charitable Foundation Chairman Chen Zhenglin also led the team to the Lu’an City Jin’an District, for 30 poor students sent the grants 120 thousand yuan. District Committee, district office director Xuan Hongbing, Party committee, deputy mayor Zhang Shiyin, chairman of district Charity Association Peng keywords attended the ceremony. At the meeting, Lu’an Yingjia Charitable Foundation Chairman Chen Zhenglin Yingjia donation activities are introduced, and Zhang Shiyin Ying Xuan Hongbing charitable foundation awarded honorary certificates and trophies for Foundation)相关的主题文章: