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Li Anjiao: Show showbiz star Ang Lee do a bad habit is upstaged Sina entertainment news the day before Li Anliang Hunan satellite TV "the first grade", teach students acting lessons. Made for students how to play the play of the problem, Ang Lee mild mentioned a bad habit of showbiz is upstage and PK, everyone express themselves, want to be a star. Ang Lee said he did not like the actor in his film to do so, the two actors together to help each other, mutual reaction. Ang Lee ‘s work, "the battle of the middle of the battle of Billy," has been released in recent days, and he has been invited to participate in the program "first grade" to teach the students how to act on the part of. The first question asked: "how can you play?" Ang Lee said he likes to have talent, the spirit of the actor, of course, he also said that people laugh at life. He also pointed out that there may be a problem with the students acting too hard, too hard, "do not be too young, naturally go in. The first is to relax, the second is to focus, relax to focus. Just like tai chi, don’t want this thing, you just not come out, charm." He said that now a lot of performance training, is actually the actor was a brute force release, to force out, then let himself into the world, to believe that a fake thing, to the real world, not to design out. At the mention of the play, Ang Lee said that the entertainment industry there is a bad habit to upstage, more love to express themselves and be a star, "I don’t love this in my movie. If my actor is like that, I’ll knock him first." He said that the two actors should support each other, help each other, react to each other. (xlzy) (commissioning editor: public Mo Wu)相关的主题文章: