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Limit the number of people with a minimum age of civil behavior appropriate? Beijing – Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: November 2 person with limited capacity for civil conduct several minimum age appropriate — the National People’s Congress Standing Committee members hot civil law draft of Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Weihan and Chen Fei, the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee on the 2 group to consider the general principles of civil law draft. This is the general principles of civil law draft submitted to the NPC Standing Committee second. In the draft of the first instance, the lower limit of the age limit for persons with limited capacity for civil conduct was reduced to 6 years, which was maintained in the draft of the second instance. In the deliberations of the NPC Standing Committee members were hot. "The current law stipulates that the 10 year old, I think that at the age of 6 to be careful study." Chen Guoling said that from the situation in our country, the national economic and social development, education has made great progress, children’s cognitive ability, the ability to take responsibility for themselves has improved. But also to see the degree of urbanization is not high, there are a lot of people living in rural areas. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically evaluate the cognitive ability, discrimination ability and self responsibility of children in china." Mu Dongsheng said that China’s large cities and social environment is relatively closed, relatively low level of education in remote areas, rural and pastoral areas, the difference is relatively large. In some areas of 6 minors do not go to school, their insight and discrimination ability is very limited, so that they bear the responsibilities and consequences of certain civil law does not comply with the physiological and psychological characteristics of them, and in this sense is not conducive to the protection of their legitimate rights and interests. It is proposed that these factors should be taken into account to make scientific and practical provisions on the lower limit of the age of minors who have limited capacity for civil conduct. "I think the age of 6 is on the low side." Wang Mingwen said that although some places 6 year old children enrolled, but there are some places no admission. If the age is reduced, I think 8 years old is more appropriate, the child at the age of 8 has been the primary school grade three, the child’s judgment on the consequences of behavior, cognitive and mental development of things much stronger than the children of 6 years old. Si Jianmin members think, how old is appropriate, not only to listen to expert opinion of education, psychology, sociology and so on, should also listen to the experts in neuroscience, especially the physiologist views. According to the normal development of the child’s brain and nervous system after 5 years of age from a physiological point of view, the structure and function has been sound, which is a physiological basis. "I think that 6 years old can be implemented independently of the interests of the civil legal act, the current state of the society can not let him exercise. That’s why I’m in favor of the 6." Si Jianmin said.相关的主题文章: