Lin Yun vs Lim Yoona, only one word to them, who wear more beautiful (video) 8l9840

Lin Yun VS Lim Yoona, only one word to them, who wear more beautiful? Lin Yun is the new generation actress China beautiful actress, who was also very well dressed, while South Korea’s Lim Yoona is also the leader in many South Korean actress, is also a national goddess, who they name only one word of the outfit to tease you? Let’s have a look! Lin Yun is the representative of 90 beautiful temperament, sweet temperament she wore a white lace skirt girl next door feeling, as if the eighteen year old girl is very pure, sultry ah! Lim Yoona transparent gauze mesh lace not resigned to playing second fiddle, sun flower skirt, sweet temperament, very lady, wearing a white skin dream like Shaqun, really boys killer! How to mention the autumn temperament? Jin Naying teach you to become modern lady street for Yunlai Lin said, is a very good thing, after all, a person is good, how beautiful I wear! Striped foreign style T-shirt dress, Lin allowed to wear star fan full ah! While Lim Yoona was relatively love lady temperament type, even if it is a street shooting, is lady style, white feather style clothing collocation fashion boots, leisure and fashion. Leisure time, Lin Yun love wearing thin shoulder suit dress, white skin. And Lim Yoona not only like to wear a thin shoulder straps, a simple white T-shirt with a short skirt is her favorite dress when leisure oh! The same girl full of breath! Have to say, Lin Yun is a great sense of fashion is also acting super girl, her portrait is feeling sexy black lace dress to wear on the body, immediately turned into "t" goblin". As a Korean singer, Lim Yoona is also the variety queen, black lace net Sexy Leopard skirt collocation, handsome leather coat, super gas field!相关的主题文章: