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Looking for China’s most potential start-up companies as China’s entrepreneurs, how to become a dark horse of the entrepreneurial circle? 6 years ago, we found 30 pieces of the most potential "dark horse" in more than 200 companies, the list is appropriate letter, tiger medicine. Since then, we launched a dark horse camp, dark horse contest with a series of dark horse label products, go out and choose to go out to those who have the most potential entrepreneurs. Today, the company launched by United entrepreneurs horse iResearch "entrepreneurs horse TOP100 — China most potential start-up companies in the selection list once again opened the curtain, in order to dig out more potential entrepreneurial innovation early and middle enterprises, enhance their awareness, to help them grow faster. We will set up the jury, comprehensive views, from the growth of the industry, product innovation, such as the dimension of the launch of the dark horse TOP100 list. What kind of enterprises can sign up for? (1) in the start-up and growth stage of non listed companies, not including non-profit organizations and industry associations; (2) the valuation at $1 billion; (3) the main operations in mainland Chinese; (4) in recent years in the emerging field, strong innovation ability in products, technology, service or business model. What are the selection criteria? Innovation Index: innovative enterprises in product, technology, services, business models on the market competition ability; (20%) growth index: the enterprise nearly three years of revenue growth of employees (20%) investment indicators: corporate financing, operation situation, the founder of nature (20%) industrial potential index: the enterprises in the industry in the market position and competitive advantage, and the development trend of influence index: (20%) popular vote (20%) (in addition to revenue growth, voting, other indexes using the scoring system, according to the index weight distribution to calculate the total value of what is the selection of the enterprise) the process? 1, registration (deadline: November 28th), 2 votes (November 21st -11 29) 3, 4, review conference released the results of social entrepreneurs Horse Award and click "here" or 47Wi0R link for registration!相关的主题文章: