Macgo Thanksgiving 2014 Buy One Get One Iphone Tool For $

Along with the low temperature and chilly gusts of wind, the upcoming Thankgiving day is warming everyones heart, so is Macgos unprecedented discount for this holiday. The theme of this years promotion is Buy One Get One iPhone Tool for $1. Also the team has made full preparation for it by releasing the more perfect version of Macgo products, among which Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Windows has experienced its first time big upgrade since release. Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Windows V1.2.0 optimized the prompt window of connectivity problem under two kinds of situations: 1. User did not install iTunes the program will display a popup window for reminding the user to install iTunes after connecting iPhone with PC. 2. There is something wrong with the installation of iTunes when the program is launched, it will prompt the user to reinstall iTunes rather than suddenly crash. Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Windows can help user thoroughly clean junk files and reclaim more disk space under the guarantee of protecting personal information. It will quickly dig out all the useless files on iPhone and then the user can strike them out with just three clicks. Launch it and connect iPhone to Mac > Press the Scan iPhone button to see how many junk files in iPhone > Click on Clean iPhone to reclaim extra space on iPhone. Macgo Thanksgiving 2014 is offering three combos to celebrate this holiday with crazy discounts: 1.Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player & Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac (60% OFF NOW) 2.Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player & Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Windows (60% OFF NOW) 3.Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac & Macgo Mac iPhone Data Recovery (82% OFF NOW) The second product in the combo only costs $1. Also there is a Super Bundle (65% OFF NOW) that includes all of Macgos products: Macgo Mac Blu-ray Player, Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player, Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac, Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Windows, Macgo Mac iPhone Data Recovery, Macgo iPhone Explorer for Mac. Customers can choose whichever combo they like in Macgo Giving Thanks 2014: System Requirements of Macgo Products: Mac: Mac OS X 10.5+ to 10.10 Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor or higher recommended 512 MB RAM or higher recommended 250 MB of free disk space An internal or external Blu-ray drive USB 2.0 above or FireWire 400 above Internet Connection PC: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 7(10.9.x) Microsoft Windows Vista(SP2 or later) Intel-based architecture Universal 32/64 bits Others: iTunes installed Supported iOS Devices: iPhone Series: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c, iPhone 4 / 4S iPad Series: iPad 4, iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2, the new iPad (wi-fi, wi-fi+4G), iPad 2 (wi-fi, wi-fi+3G), iPad Air 1, iPad Air 1 iPod Series: iPod touch 4/5 For more information, please contact: Maggie Macgo International Limited Email: About the Author: About Macgo: Macgo International Limited offers the first and best Mac Blu-ray Player, Windows Blu-ray Player Software, Mac Media Player, and a series of iPhone tools for users, such as iPhone Cleaner for Mac, Mac iPhone Data Recovery, iPhone Explorer for mac. 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