Manchester United had the opportunity to sign Real Madrid brain Mourinho hate not in his

Manchester United had the opportunity to sign Real Madrid brain Mourinho: hate not games with his Carrick play sina sports United away 3 to 1 victory over Swansea, the veteran midfielder Carrick’s performance won praise from both parties, for his outstanding ability to pass through his Reds midfielder, Mourinho Carrick to lament, ten year old is good. Carrick is 35 years old, not 25 years old, "Mourinho said," of course I want him to play in every game, but this is not possible, you can’t go to the gym every day as hard as." Sounds, Mourinho and Carrick cannot play games regret, the summer madman entered the Old Trafford, the first thing is to give a new contract, Carrick for a year now, the veteran midfielder left the Ferguson era can still play a big role. Schmeichel: Manchester United had the opportunity to sign Cross united team, the fans also believe that Carrick’s presence was significantly different. Former Reds goalkeeper Schmeichel has tweeted: "midfielder Carrick, we look completely different, more confident." There are fans to interact with Schmeichel said: "this shows that agree, we need to find a replacement for Carrick, if the January can buy, we can still win." Schmeichel responded: "who to buy?" When the fans of Real Madrid midfielder Toni cross name, Schmeichel said: "we have a chance to sign him, but……" The former Manchester United manager Moyers said that the summer of 2014, he had hoped for the Reds to sign Cross, but the latter left Bayern for real madrid. Now, if Mourinho wants to cross, is unlikely to be achieved, and their Real Madrid midfielder just renewed, the new contract until 2022. (LEGION)相关的主题文章: