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Home-and-Family The Mid-Century Modern look for homes has never really gone out of style. Still as popular today as ever, one of the best places to look for this style if you are in the California area is in Laguna Beach. The 20th Century’s greatest everyday architecture is still alive and thriving throughout the region, and if you have your pre qualifications met and a good real estate agent to help you navigate the marketplace, then you could stand to land a really great deal. But before you make an offer on just anything, you may wish to first check out the following .munities, which are rich with a wide selection of Mid-Century Modern Homes: Woods Cove Woods Cove has something for everyone. Whether you love the beachfront access or just a beachfront view, this popular area of Laguna Beach has you covered. At Woods Cove you get a cozy neighborhood filled with cozy homes and friendly neighbors. The proximity is alone to .mand top dollar for the style of houses, but the reality is much more affordable. Before you buy, however, you should check with your agent to see if there is any news on short sales that may be .ing open in the region. A short sale can save you even more money than you could imagine on these great homes. Alta Vista While Alta Vista is not the typical place where you can find affordable housing, there is occasionally a great deal to .e along, from which you can save money and get a really great home. Currently, one home on the market is considered a bankruptcy listing, meaning that with the right pre qualifications and an agent, who knows the Laguna Beach real estate market, you could nab this Mid-Century modern home before the word spreads to the real estate investment .munity – whether you just want an affordable place to live or a terrific investment property, you don’t want to let this opportunity pass you by. Top Of The World While the Top of the World .munity is not .pletely Mid-Century modern in architectural stylings, it still has a formidable selection, not to mention a tremendous view looking down on the city of San Diego. Top of the World derives its name because it is located in the cliffy regions close to Laguna Beach, and you have to drive through a series of winding roads to get there. Boasting ocean view homes that are out of this world, you may be able to find the perfect site for your next real estate buy. Wherever you decide to buy your Mid-Century modern home, make sure you have a professional appraiser examine the quality of the home first, and do business with a reputable and knowledgeable agent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: