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Mobile-Cell-Phone Mobile has be.e an important part of our lives without which people cant survive. Anything they want to know about heath, education, shopping, gaming, applications they think of searching it through mobile phone. It has be.e our daily necessity. We can access all type of information through mobile phones. Mobile Phones are used not only to access the information but also people can buy and sell their products and services. Along with the launch of Smartphones, applications are also .ing in the market on daily basis. These applications are either used for the information or entertainment purpose. Some of the applications .e pre installed and some have to be installed on mobile phones by the person manually. The applications can be downloaded from the device stores. The applications are easy to install but exploring it to the maximum potential is the difficult task for the people. People should have the knowledge that how these apps can be operated. When people are not able to use these applications, they contact the front end or customer support team for help. To over.e the problem of the support teams, .panies can provide them the basic training of exploring the applications. There are many .panies that are offering the mobile application training module. The basic curriculum of the mobile application training module includes: The basic concept and the usage of mobile application. They will guide on how to launch the application. They will give the understanding on how to utilize this application to maximum. Knowledge about the troubleshooting of mobile applications. How to use it on different platforms. Training of the mobile applications can be imparted through different delivery models like e-learning, m-learning and Instructor led training. These trainings will help the trainees to easily learn about the application from any place. They can also have the online training of how to use the application. Training through Instructor Led training ILT program will help the trainees to understand the concept better as the instructor is always available to clarify the doubts. ILT is also delivered onsite and online. Mobile application training can also be imparted through e-learning method. This method helps the trainees to access the data anywhere anytime. It helps to reduce the cost of the .pany as trainees dont have to travel for training. M-learning is another method to deliver the application training. Thus is made basically for the mobile workforce. According to the convenience .anization can choose the training method. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: