Multiple bad can continue for how long

Multiple bad can continue for how long? The periphery and the multiple negative impact, opening on Monday, the market opened at 3037, compared with the previous trading day opened nearly 40 points. All day long low volatility, intraday dropping to below 3000 points, two in the city of idle in the green market came close.     after finishing, the following is the impact of major bad news today: 1, the trend of the external market, on Friday, the dovish FOMC ticket commission, Boston Fed President Rosengren said in a speech, in order to prevent the economy from overheating, there are reasonable grounds for tightening of interest rate policy. He warned that if not continue to gradually withdraw from the easing path, may shorten the recovery time. This speech caused a great disturbance, the world financial market. 2, September 9th, the Commission published the "China Commission on capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation service strategy", in fact, this is the Commission to implement a policy of landing Party Central Committee and the State Council poverty alleviation strategy, but public opinion was incorrectly interpreted as a disguised registration system, bad money drives out good money, and as the stock market a huge blood effect. A shares of investor confidence in the investment is bound to be shaken. 3, the seventh members of the General Assembly held in Shanghai on September 10th, China Commission Chairman Liu Shiyu attended the meeting and delivered a speech: we must firmly grasp the "Five Principles", adhere to the important concept of law, strict and comprehensive supervision, hold the bottom line of systemic risk does not occur, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors in a prominent position, adhere to market-oriented reform, legalization and internationalization, efforts to enhance the international competitiveness of the capital market, the fundamental purpose to serve the real economy development. 4, in comments after nearly 3 months, unequivocally to "fry shell" cooling "version of a major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach" published on Friday. The Commission said that in order to implement the rule of law, strict supervision, comprehensive supervision concept, to further standardize the restructuring of listed behavior, the restructuring approach was officially released on September 9th, from the date of promulgation. This amendment, to tie the system and standard of the "fence", to cool the fried shell, promote rational repair market valuation system, continue to support the upgrading of the quality of listed companies through mergers and acquisitions to guide more funds to invest in the real economy. The "measures" one, investors once again worried that A shares plummeted again in the fall of shell resources, in fact this is a misreading. The approach has been consulted for nearly 3 months, the final version did not exceed market expectations. Furthermore, the approach will play a structural remodeling A shares value system, the impact of the overall valuation is not. Popular speaking, that would put money into the blue chip, and not out of the market. In 5, the local existence of the stock market bubble and real estate bubble, there is the whole enterprise rather than investment holding huge amounts of cash loans, the continued depreciation of the RMB is still uncertain background, the central bank to cut interest rates drop quasi move has been suspended for several months. Close to the United States to raise interest rates, the central bank cut interest rate policy will have to be postponed again. 6, recently, the central bank research bureau chief economist Ma Jun said in an interview with the media, there are currently the source of the two leading to the rise in leverage, the first is the real estate field相关的主题文章: