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Net about car pull passengers Lianzhuang 9 car driver suspected unlicensed drug deck of Shenyang West Tower Street a man driving poison Lianzhuang nine car 19 evening about 11:20, the traffic police in the night the West Heping District of Shenyang street, a red car running distance of 50 meters before the night suddenly reversing, the night when the police found this car red the Coupe have ready to check, then red coupe suddenly accelerated, almost hit two police. When a passing driver driving on behalf of the Coupe take up, he gave himself a small electric car thrown into the car at the bottom of trying to get the parking. But the electric sports car from rolling over after continuous hit two cars, driving forward and reversing back can’t hit the bridge, after beating wheel and continue to run, the results hit consecutive four taxis, the front has started to smoke, the driver can coupe continues to open, about 300 meters out consecutive hit three cars, the car can not be opened until it stops, hit and run drivers get off immediately run, a plainclothes police and two well intentioned people chase out of more than 200 meters to catch, finally hit and run driver was taken to the police station. The car was also rescued by the police. At present, the 26 year old ma a suspected drug, unlicensed driving vehicle deck detained. According to Ma explained that he was about to pull the passenger car software. The case is still under further investigation. > > > more news Liaoning pension adjustment standard comparison table released [¥ 920 Estee Lauder old artifact free delivery! Reply to "cream" to understand and participate in the activities of minutes, a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment in front of their peers! ]相关的主题文章: