Net red industry suction Nintaus was OTA water test tour + Live

"Red" industry Nintaus was OTA + water absorbing tourism network broadcast live 2016, become the VR, the two dimension after a rise of the emerging pan entertainment industry, directly spawned by the broadcast platform network reds, parties in the power of capital to form a huge economic benefits. According to the data released by the Ministry of culture, the valley network broadcast platform is about 200, the network Reds number more than 1 million, and the scale is still growing. At the same time, the network has become one of the important factors to stimulate red tourism consumption, tourism companies have been involved in the field of live, travel + net red + live became a marketing tool for many OTA platform. Tourism research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Chinese deputy director Dai Xuefeng believes that the new marketing mode based on mobile Internet technology, is the era of giving the opportunity for the tourism industry, the tourism industry is also a adapt to the development of the times, can be considered as the tourism industry on the Internet to share the economic contribution of Ch. OTA beach Red Net economy the latest statistics show that as of May 2016, micro-blog users red fans has reached the scale of 385 million. The Agency predicted that in 2016 the scale of China red net industry will reach 52 billion 800 million yuan, including the Reds related commodity sales, marketing and other aspects of revenue income, 2018 will be more than 100 billion yuan. And this figure is far more than the national film 44 billion yuan in 2015 the total box office results, full description of the strong driving force of the network economy. In the new media tour CEO Cong Lin seems, although some people think that the bonus of the mobile Internet continues to subside, but the marketing boom is constantly upgrading. With the surging mobile boom, we see from the beginning of this year, mobile social networking has entered the era of the national red net, reading habits and the rapid development of mobile and decentralized, fragmented, but also the live video of the explosive growth to the economic growth of the network of red soil." In fact, many OTA companies are now known to be involved in the field of direct seeding, stepped up the layout of the star, the network of red live tour programs, with the intention of a slice of the Red Sea in the live market. In June 2016, held on the occasion of the European Cup like a raging fire, Ctrip tourism potential should be launched live platform tourism industry first homemade variety "very European Cup", the live broadcast will star interview with European travel combining forms, as of June 27th, the program broadcast a total of more than 38 million times the number of watch, collecting more than 85 million praise. Vice president of Ctrip group Sun Bo said in an interview, most video sites are on show in the form of recording program, this form is relatively lack of timeliness, can not ensure that users feel personally on the scene of European Cup event. The form of live just can make up for this shortcoming, and can produce strong interaction with the user. In August this year, where the network and mobile broadcast platform to achieve cooperation in the Shaoxing dragon, Jinghu Disneyland dream water world launched Red Net live programs, where by providing relevant resources and park tickets, official.相关的主题文章: