Nitin Jain Top 6 Tips For Ensuring A Powerful And Positive Website Perception-webquest

1. Trust – In the first look, the website should be able to portray your business as a trustworthy corporate or individual. Web Design, Aesthetics is one thing but proper credentials, industry certifications and other logo display on your site is the best way to subtly inform the customer of your business credentials. 2. Professionalism – Will you give an order to a sales person who is not properly dressed? Maybe not. Same rule applies to websites. If your web design is not professional, cleanly laid out or comprehensive then there are a lot of chances that your might end up getting very less conversions when compared to the total number of hits on your website. 3. Image the website needs to be in-line with your marketing and sales strategy. Corporate colors, themes etc should be accounted for in your web design as well. The website should not be a copy paste of your brochure, website content should be written with the end customer in mind. 4. Call to Action – To convert your visitors to clients, you should have a powerful and potent call to action on your website. 5. Clean Code – Your website has to be totally search engine friendly and easy to access for the various spiders and robots of search engines. The backend code, title tags etc need to be carefully looked at. There are many validators that can help a non technical person in this field. Good SEO is essential simply because good ranking means more business leads. Having said that, it is essential you do not follow any black-hat SEO techniques which might get you banned or penalized. 6. Midas Touch – There a countless websites being launched every-day. Your site should have a refreshing feel and design so that it looks unique and not like any other site. The market is flooded with website designers offering very low prices for website design and development but you should ensure that you choose someone who has good experience and creative skills to make your site stand out from competition. Avoid going for website templates, always prefer custom web development. About the Author: Nitin Jain is a leading online marketing and website designing expert. been creating portals, websites, microsites and providing services to many Indian and overseas clients, more than 10 years of experience in Corporate Communication functions website designing, shopping carts, technical writer, graphic, brochure, visiting card designer, flash, online marketing, SEO. Please visit we help you grow your sales and profit. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Web-Design 相关的主题文章: