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Online shopping on behalf of second generation: the risk behind the convenience of vigilance double 11 approaching, a big wave spike second grab hit. "Double 11" and the ever popular network promotion Festival, has also spawned a number of "second generation" and "generation making". But the problem is also followed, this is specifically for consumers to buy online service is reasonable? Consumers will not cause personal information leakage? Office workers do not want to stay up late to participate in the second grab, do not want to miss the promotion opportunities, looking for second generation family help is a good choice. As the report said, because there is market demand, the electricity supplier platform on behalf of some second generation business is good. But as the experts said, because of personal privacy information, Taobao account login password associated with Alipay, credit card, phone number, home address and other businesses, although claiming to ensure the information security of consumers, but who can guarantee that they will not use personal information when the transaction is not? "Double 11" is approaching, this is very timely reminder. If you have mastered the business of personal information, it is possible in the long-term accumulation of targeted telecommunications network fraud. Therefore, consumers must be reminded of Long Dim sum. To prevent information leakage, information trafficking and Telecommunications fraud, of course, need to punish and prevent from the intervention from the legislative to the law enforcement process, but for the public, in every detail of life and consumption, it is necessary to be vigilant. If in order to panic buying cheap goods, to bring their own risks, that is The loss outweighs the gain. In addition, the electronic business platform should bear the responsibility. As experts say, electronic business platform to reduce the second generation space is not difficult, just need to develop a more reasonable mechanism for issuing coupons, and establish a monitoring system and punishment mechanism for effective management. In a word, double 11 coming, in the face of second generation family, consumers have long snacks. Especially for the electronic business platform, maintaining order, reiterated the rules, incumbent. Don’t let the "second generation" and "generation, and making" network marketing "carnival". (JINGWAH times) free consulting相关的主题文章: