Part of the Meizu phone is malicious lock hackers extortion pay to unlock (video) polartec

Some mobile phone Meizu malicious hackers extortion payment lock can unlock each reporter Meng Qingjian in September, the mobile phone industry "black swan" events. The Samsung Note7 battery explosion sound has not yet subsided occasion, Plus has exposed iPhone7 noise in heavy task situation, Meizu mobile phone users are malicious hackers to unlock the lock, pay blackmail. What’s wrong with this industry? Even if there is no fault in the current intelligent mobile phone market, to maintain growth has been difficult, although the major manufacturers are to increase investment, but increase the competitive cost, also accelerate the mobile phone enterprise knockout, excessive competition in the market, shuffling may occur at any time in the future, things, small brands will be more days sorry. In fact, whether it is apple, Samsung or Meizu, the cost of making mistakes is to be eliminated by the market. Market development has also proved that the consumers in the first place to live better, more long-term. Determined not to pay Qualcomm royalties and become the focus of the industry’s Meizu mobile phone recently suffered a storm. Many mobile phone users in September 12th, Meizu Meizu forum puliao, Meizu in the use of mobile phone, mobile phone screen suddenly appeared rather baffling malicious locking phenomenon, then the hacker extortion, need to pay to unlock. In this regard, Meizu official said publicly that Meizu’s own system does not have a security vulnerability, the matter for a malicious hit library behavior. But a large number of Meizu users in the forum accused Meizu shirk responsibility. Meizu also said in response, has been to help most of the affected users to solve the locking problem, restore the normal use of the phone. In this regard, the daily economic news reporter asked the person in charge of the Meizu brand, how many users affected by this? The extent of the impact? What measures do you take to solve the problem? But as of press time, has not yet been answered. According to the "daily economic news" reporter, in August last year, Meizu once affected the privacy behavior of a large number of users, many users of the mail list, Meizu SMS, call records and even notes and other content are synchronized to the mobile phone users on the strange. Prior to this, Meizu is the most commendable of its 12 years artisan spirit, proposed a steady growth, a profit, advance IPO goal, the capitalization of Meizu has opened this year, a total of 7 conference, released a mobile phone 9. But it has repeatedly exposed information security issues, let Meizu in the highly competitive mobile phone market is lost. Meizu users hackers blackmail users in the afternoon of September 12th, Meizu Meizu Flyme user community posting said, "the chance to open a mobile phone to look good, MX5 black, showing an account that mobile phone is locked, you need to enter a password, enter my password cannot login. Later, I saw the phone received a text message, let me through a QQ account to the money, immediately give me unlock." The user also wrote, Meizu Meizu customer service, customer service attitude disappointing. After many consultations, was told to wait for 3 to 5 working days, they do not consider how inconvenient for consumers." Subsequently, there are a lot of Meizu users through Baidu post bar, Sina and Flyme community to reflect, the phone is malicious lock, unlock need to contact a.相关的主题文章: