Plant Extracts Be.e The Main Force To Promote The Import And Export Of Chinese Medicine

Medicine Contrary to the overall foreign trade situation, Chinese medicine and health products has an extraordinary performance in 2011. The import and export volume grew by 9.8%. Import and export of plant extracts is more prominent. The import and export volume reached $ 820 million. It is an increase of 36.1% .While exports value was $ 660 million with an increase of 23.7%.The imports amount was $ 160,000,000 with an increase of 129.2%. Plant extracts exports accounted for 44.8% of the exports of Chinese medical goods. It an active force to boost the export of Chinese medical goods. Plant extracts industry cluster effect, the different characteristics of the provinces and cities of the plant extracts industry. For example, Shandong province is mainly in the production of food additive using plant extracts. Zhejiang and Shanghai are mainly in the production of pharmaceutical and health care products. In 2011, food additives and flavors and fragrances of plant extracts based provinces, exports have to increase substantially, such as: Shandong, Jiangxi, Stevia extract exports increased considerably, Yunnan flavors and fragrances export growth is also more obvious. Export of medicinal and health products with plant extract provinces and cities, exports declined slightly, such as Zhejiang and Beijing. Rankings can be seen from enterprises to export, the export product mix stevia extract and natural pigments and other food additives based enterprise ranking, and product management structure-based pharmaceutical and health products, plant extracts export enterprises rankings fell slightly. Licorice juice and extract is mainly used for food and tobacco industry, the price is relatively stable. Exports fluctuate month, the main factors of economic instability in the monthly number of transactions in the second quarter exports volatile to the fourth quarter. The average export prices showed a significant rise. Stevia extract is a variety of the most rapid growth in the single species of plant extracts in 2009. In 2011, purpurea extract exports reached $ 84.3 million, an increase of 132%; the price of basic show slow growth, only a turning point in October and November lows, the market is still optimistic about the future. In 2011, the most eye-catching countries in export performance are India and Malaysia. It is an increase of over 100%. These two markets are similar with outstanding performance last year, the Mexican market, bring the whole market movements are due to a single .modity exports have raised dramatically. Goods exported to India are more concentrated in plant extracts of natural pigments, flavors and fragrances; exports of irinotecan goods in Malaysia more than 90% Stevia extract, these .modities are widely used in the food sector. Japan and the United States are still the two most important export markets for China. The Japanese market is relatively stable, prices and export volume of the plant extracts to maintain a steady momentum of growth, Japan imports most of the plant extract is extracted by the Japanese Kampo invested enterprises in China to .plete the herbs pre production. The U.S. market, exports year-on-year increase was largely the reason is to extract the price of exports to the U.S. increased significantly, with an average increase of 49.5%. With the unfavorable world trade environment, the pharmaceutical raw materials plant extract still achieves good performance. It can be believed that with the financial crisiss further away, the world trade environment will be gradually improved. The demand of the plant extract from the international .munity will increased significantly while bound to usher in a period of vigorous development. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: