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Pregnant mothers should be how to do, in order to let the baby more like? Sohu maternal and child pictures from the network I have always believed that the baby and pregnant mother is a pair of very magical CP. The pregnant mother’s body contains two beating heart, every day and the birth of the baby so close; and the birth of the baby in the belly of the pregnant mother, the mother can be completely aware of all the passions and emotions will be affected by the corresponding. For example, the anxiety of pregnant mothers is easy to make the baby in the growth of emotional problems. Study on the British psychiatrist showed that pregnant women not only excessive anxiety increased fetal risk, but also easy to make their emotions and behavior in the days after the growth of problems. The experts found that in the study of 18-32 weeks of pregnancy in pregnant women, a high degree of depression and anxiety of pregnant women, children around the age of 4 will appear in behavioral and emotional problems in different degree, such as hyperactivity, unable to concentrate, the incidence rate is 2-3 times higher than normal people. Experts believe that anxiety and depression so that the endocrine system abnormalities in pregnant women. As a result, adverse effects on the development of the fetal brain, increasing the probability of a child in the future development process. So, although pregnancy is a hard process, but pregnant mothers must be optimistic, positive emotions, the only way to create a baby for the best psychological environment. Pictures from the network pregnant mother should do, to make the baby more like it? Every moment in the heart to tell the baby, mother love you! ] while still in the womb, but from 14 weeks of pregnancy began to form with your baby "limbic system" and began to understand the world of subtle. In other words, he already has feelings! This time from the mother’s heart of love, is the first time the baby can feel. Similarly, some mothers may be entangled in the baby’s health and gender, the fetus is also able to experience the baby oh. Therefore, love is the eternal premise, only the mother’s love, to be able to give birth to the baby heart joy, a sense of security. In contrast to the mother, the baby is also very fond of listening to the kind of father’s unique, deep voice. Some of your baby in the pregnant mother’s stomach, hear the voice of the father will be particularly active movement. [pregnant mother to give up in order to build the thought of losing weight, replenish nutrition] during pregnancy is a special period, not because of pregnancy, pregnant mother let myself eat fat, laissez faire, but also not to stay in shape and trying to lose weight or diet. In addition, the pregnant mother’s diet should be diversified, fruits and vegetables, poultry meat and so on, can not be partial, but not for love to eat and there is no need to force yourself. If the time is relaxed, you can learn to make their own nutritious meals, the color and taste will be merged together, the mood to eat, the baby will be particularly like oh! You know, pregnant mother to eat things, the baby will be a few minutes after the taste. [sing, will accompany the birth of the baby playing pregnant mother is perfect pregnant mother] Tai Baobao in the pregnant mother belly can always eat and sleep, turn as a pleasurable occupation!相关的主题文章: