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"Real men 2" Jiang kifo cry all tears never exit Entertainment – Sohu   Jiang kifo cry all Sohu entertainment news on the program, the new recruits into the air force to guide the "hero camp" in the monitor under the leadership of Wang Wei, accompanied by Sun Yang’s surprise return Friday night "hero camp" temper the journey continues like a raging fire. In the last week notice highlights, Jiang kifo with tears in her eyes, left hand bandaged scenes become a big suspense in the minds of the audience. Has always been a good physical fitness, stamina, why the husband will be injured, injured husband will be how to deal with the next training subjects. This guide "hero camp" temper then advanced, eight Air Force recruits team training according to the training requirements. Sun Yang, Huang Zitao, Zhang Lanxin, Shen Mengchen six Hongying unit simulation confrontation, and Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Li Rui, Jiang kifo is composed of medical rescue teams, responsible for battlefield rescue work. In order to escape the war attack, battlefield rescue personnel usually take on the forward side posture, reach the injured Comrade next race. The instructor demonstration is finished, Liyan Tong led the way for the exercise, Jiang Jinfu is not far behind, with the standard on the left side posture posture, the support arm moving forward, dedicated to training Jiang Jinfu, but accidentally moment, field staff immediately to Fu Tsai initial dressing with recruits to carry the bandage, then the ambulance arrived at the first time, sweat and tears interleaving, pain of Jiang Jinfu at the moment do not forget to say "I’m sorry for all of your hard work," Wang Wei ", and asked the monitor monitor, take them to go back, Yang Mi can not help but said" I really want to beat him, he ached in such a way, consider or others, let a person and love and want to play". Experience to pick a dislocated arm, endure great pain Jiang Jinfu back to the dormitory, in order not to let his comrades worry, with a "fine" lightly had their own pain. A security drill began, the injured Jiang Jinfu as members of the medical team to rescue rush, despite the pain, Yang Mi and Liyan Tong grabbed the hands of a heavy rescue package, back in the uninjured shoulder, Yang Mi called "the child is not terrible". In the US after a lot of hard work, successful "rescue" Sun Yang, don’t feel comfortable with Jiang Jinfu was guilty and said "I was supposed to be a member of the medical group, because of my injury, let you eat a lot of pain," Jiang heard kifo apologetic words, but Li Rui said: "today" expose "Jin the husband has been using an arm to help me hold", also injured so desperately to recruit Jiang Jinfu is really love and hate, and love and anger". Farewell to the hero camp, the camp recruits journey continues, moved and warmth, and what the true nature of the recruits waiting for our mining, in November 18 Japan 20:20 Friday night, lock Hunan TV, the original large national defense education special program "jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan satellite TV’s" real man second the fifth season? Air force, please.相关的主题文章: