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Health There are different factors that would precipitate the need for BHRT. BHRT stands for bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy. The ancestors did not need such a treatment, so the article discusses the following reasons that given birth to the need of this treatment. In the last century, there was a rapid growth of the commercial agriculture and factory farming of animals. The civilization would be now prone to this factory production and not adhere to the different natural gatherers. Fewer and fewer people began to live on this processed and refined food. This pesticide driven food items increased the chances of the bio identical hormones Charlotte. The food items that most of us consume today are filled with chemicals or too oily and therefore subpar in the nutrients. The human genome has hardly altered in the last few thousand years. Therefore, we can safely conclude that all our nutritional requirements remain the same irrespective of the geographical location of the individual. Therefore, we can safely conclude that if we fail to provide the appropriate amount of nutrition to our body, we would be all adversely affected. A research was conducted that studied the testosterone levels in the Danish organic farmers with those of the Danish students. It was found that men belonging to the age of 40 and practicing organic farming and at their own produce were better than the younger students who lived on the Danish diet. The organic farmers were found to be healthier and contain more testosterone than their younger counterparts. To have a diet that would have the same health benefits, one needs to do the following: The first is to avoid all types of refined carbohydrates which would include the white flour and the white rice and sugar. Without berries, most of the fruits and fruit juices would contain rather high sugar content. It is important to cut out caffeine and avoid all kinds of processed food and fast food items. It is also best to avoid all kinds of food items that are made of soy and soybean oil and rather opt for the fermented soy products that are healthier. Most soy products contains phytoestrogens that has the potential to disrupt the hormonal balance that exists in the body. It is important to consume enough amounts of proteins and good fats in the form of eggs, grass fed animals, butter, avocadoes, coconut oil, palm oil etc. It is important that all kinds of hydrogenated fats. A variety of organic vegetables should be consumed. The second factor that would affect the bio identical hormones Charlotte treatment is that one third of the Americans have been found to develop the type 2 diabetes. The people have gone through decades of insulin and becoming insulin resistant before finally getting the disease. This increase in the resistance would mean that the body has to take more and more insulin to overcome the inherent resistance that exists. Sugar becomes the primary source. However, the problem lies in the fact that with the increased amount of insulin the more the amount of testosterone is converted into estrogen. This imbalance can create of host of other problems like prostate enlargement and even cancer. These are some of the factors that have led to the disruption of the hormonal balance in the body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: