Restructuring of the listing of the official implementation of the new regulations speculation shell

Restructuring of the official implementation of the new regulations speculation speculation shell will be subject to strict supervision by market participants as the most severe in the history of the reorganization of the new deal yesterday officially entered the implementation phase. The Commission yesterday issued a "decision on Amending the measures for the administration of major asset restructuring of listed companies" (hereinafter referred to as the "restructuring measures") and shall be implemented as of September 9th. The official release of the "Reorganization Method" based on the original draft, retains the "net profit" identified indicators, identified fallbackprovision, restructuring and listing new content such as the size of the shareholder lock up period, and further make up the loopholes in supervision, improve the two specification. First, the original controlling shareholder of listed companies, the actual controller and its affiliates in the transaction process to transfer the shares of other specific objects, the proposed 36 month lock period requirements. Two of the subjects mentioned before the reorganization investigation or punishment, to further improve the expression, clearly listed in the last 3 years and the controlling shareholder and actual controller being a criminal investigation or investigation, the listed company can not be listed restructuring; controlling shareholder and actual controller by the stock exchange publicly condemned, or the presence of other major acts of dishonesty the listed company shall be carried out within 12 months of reorganization. Commission spokesman Deng Ge said the Commission held yesterday at the regular press conference, the Commission revised "reorganization measures", to tie the system and standard of the "fence", to cool the fried shell, promote rational repair market valuation system, continue to support the upgrading of the quality of listed companies through mergers and acquisitions, and guide more the funds invest in the real economy. Three categories of indicators such as net profit has not been changed to modify the reorganization approach since June 17th of this year to the public for comments. The contents of the amendments include the following three aspects: first, to improve the restructuring of the listing criteria. Referring to the experience of the mature market, the refinement of the listed companies on the change in the control of the identified standards, improve the scale of the purchase of assets to determine the indicators, clear the first time for a period of 60 months. It is worth noting that the 60 month period does not apply to the GEM listed company reorganization, also does not apply to the purchase of the assets belong to finance, venture capital and other specific industries, these two kinds of situations according to the original diameter of the cumulative. Second, improve the regulatory measures to curb speculative speculation shell". The revised approach to the reorganization of the reorganization of listed companies to cancel the matching financing, improve the strength of the reorganization of the requirements of the party, while extending the lock period of the relevant shareholders, to curb short-term speculation and the concept of speculation. Third, in accordance with the principle of comprehensive supervision, strengthen the responsibility of listed companies and intermediaries, while increasing accountability. Deng Ge said, "comments during the restructuring measures", the Commission received a total of 117 comments and suggestions, which effectively in 80, mainly concentrated in the "net profit" identified indicators, identified fallbackprovision, restructuring and listing related parties to lock in three aspects. On the net profit identified indicators, there are suggestions for the loss, the profit of listed companies is too strict, it is recommended to cancel. Commission taking into account the abolition of net profit index, will not be able to effectively curb the loss, the profit of listed companies shell, raise;相关的主题文章: