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Same car! Why do you have a bigger storage space than me? Sohu car sales list will be aware of the friends will know that the domestic market is the best-selling car, are the following level B car (excluding B class car). The wheelbase is limited, can not mean spatial layout design of car wanton in, often have to sacrifice the trunk space to enhance the driving space, generally the A-class car can have a capacity of 450L trunk has a quite good. However, many car friends when his trunk is treasure box, what debris inside the frontier, like this: everyone knows that the next box filled with some preparation of no great importance things, will not only affect the health of the car, the car will increase the load, for increased fuel consumption. So, in the narrow and precious trunk space, what to put, or some of the stress, the professor gave you to check the ordinary household car trunk what should leave. The commonly used tools: Jack, tool box, triangle the three tools car landing almost always equipped with Jack, needless to say, used when changing a tire, the tool box is to repair the minor fault. The triangle, or a warning sign is related to the safety of things, in the high speed sub failure to stop in the emergency lane, triangle should be placed behind the car 150 meters away, and then the next thing is not to repair, but to the police, the first towed the car down the highway, and then follow-up the maintenance. A lot of people don’t like to put a fire extinguisher in the car, they think it is useless, but if the carbon dioxide is not properly preserved, it will also become a hidden danger. However, in the car ignition news It is often seen. times, some spontaneous combustion is also starting from the small flame, if the right to use fire extinguisher powder at the bottom of flames and spray, may be able to avoid the burning vehicle. Of course, if the fire is not found, or to leave, after all, the most important security. If you want to spare a spare tire in the car, but also a problem after all the spare tire Different people, different views., weight is relatively large, is a burden on the car, but if you encounter a word, change the spare tire is also very fast and convenient measures. So here is the driver if the professor or do not know how to change a tire friend, can not put the spare tire in the car, and to prepare some automatic tyre liquid, if burst, first use the tyre liquid to the maintenance shop, further maintenance. But if you have enough power and technology to replace the tire, prepare a spare tire in the trunk is prepared against want. Simple medical first-aid kit of this importance is self-evident, even now the medical system developed, also requires a certain amount of time the ambulance arrived at the scene of the accident, if there are some unscrupulous drivers blocked the emergency channel, it is more Speechless. So it is recommended to prepare a car or a car emergency kit, which has some bandages and hemostasis with emergency items, emergency, can really save a life. But the premise is that at least the driver to learn how to use the first aid kit, in order to play its role. A small amount of bottled water.相关的主题文章: