Samsung mobile phone explosion into the three quarter of the first class of consumer rights complain jodie foster

Samsung mobile phone exploded into the three quarter among adults hot commodity category of complaints the first Beijing morning news (reporter Chen Lin) yesterday, the Association announced the third quarter of 2016 of the national association organization to handle complaints, household electronic appliances reached 29720, accounting for 33.05% of the total commodity complaints, ranked the first commodity category of complaints. Samsung mobile phone explosion has become a hot spot in the three quarter. Consumers Association said that due to household appliances and other products, frequent use and other reasons, the volume of complaints has been the forefront. The volume of complaints of clothing and footwear, traffic tools, household goods and food commodities four respectively in the second to fifth. Since the end of August, Samsung Ga1axy Note 7 mobile phone explosion in the global continuous fermentation. September 2nd, Samsung Corp announced the recall of 2 million 500 thousand units in the global sales of Note, but does not include China, causing consumer dissatisfaction and social concern in china. "Samsung mobile phone explosion" after the incident, the association and the Shenzhen Association of local organizations have been paying close attention to the progress of the matter, and actively carry out the work of safeguarding rights, the association has repeatedly interviewed Samsung Corp responsible person, and maintain close contact with the State Quality Inspection Administration and the state of defective product management center, take the initiative to understand the investigation of the incident of quality supervision department. The Samsung Corp issued a recall information, the Association for the first time based on the principle of Samsung Corp, second days and the recall work put forward 9 specific requirements, and pay close attention to consumers in the face of the recall problem, urge the Samsung Corp promptly and effectively complete the recall. According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2016, the people’s courts at all levels of the country ruled a total of 43 cases of mobile phones. From the case of the cause of the incident, involving the quality of the phone has 23, accounting for 67.44% of the total number of mobile phone cases handled by the contract violation of a total of 9, accounting for more than 20.93%, accounting for the proportion of the total of the two categories. Other mobile phone cases involving false propaganda, price, after-sales and other issues. Specifically, relates to a mobile phone quality problem cases nearly half concentrated in the fake, refurbished machines, copycat machine, shoddy, followed by mobile phone fault repairs. In the collection of the ruling, according to the brand to points, apple, Samsung cases were 21, 6, accounting for the proportion of 48.8%, respectively, accounting for 62.7%. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: