Shanghai property market regulation results buyers wait and see, turnover reduced by 2! mkdv-02

Shanghai property market regulation results: buyers wait and see, turnover reduced by 2! Shanghai property market regulation results: buyers wait and see, turnover reduced by 2! The property market across the country to purchase a new frequency, more and more the second city to join the ranks of the purchase, first-tier cities as the benchmark, the Shanghai property market trends, the more interesting, then the eleven holiday Shanghai property market situation is? Reporters in Shanghai, Putuo District Cao Yang Road, a real estate agency learned that during the national day, they have to look at the store every day there are more than a dozen groups, but the real deal is not much. Reporter: do you replace or buy? Shanghai citizens: replacement replacement for children. Two months of relatively large turnover, some customers have already bought, so this month just to catch up with the golden week, we go out to travel, so relatively sign people will also be relatively lower. Market participants, at present, the majority of customers, are selling a set, and then buy a set of replacement, improved property buyers. The reason is to reduce the volume of a period of time before the hot market consumes a lot of purchasing power, on the other hand, the recent nationwide purchase deal frequent, increased property buyers in the market regulation is expected to. Intermediary: the recent market and change in each city in the purchase, the prices will not rise is not particularly severe, so many customers want to buy a house, he will think I can wait, do not hurry, don’t be so impulsive. Reporters visited a number of real estate intermediary stores learned that the National Day holiday with the overall volume of the previous year, maintained at around 20 groups per week, but the actual turnover than last year, a decrease of 15-20%. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: