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Shenyang Tiexi police patrol police launched a rotating model of rule of Law — original title: waving stood right away on August 22nd at half past two in the afternoon, service from Benxi to Shenyang citizens Xu Guangbao, legs and prosthetic contact parts grind Xuepao difficult to walk, on the road to see India "waved on station, immediately do the police patrol the car, try holding the mentality of waving for help, the police patrol eager to buy water and bread for him, and sent him to the train station. Xu Guangbao in Liaoning province is aided, Shenyang City Public Security Bureau Tiexi branch recently launched a miniature police patrol rotating mode. The "Legal Daily" reporter recently interviewed found that the police patrol car patrol in the District of Tiexi high streets and back lanes has become the norm. "In the past, we have taken to increase the police vehicle, community police under the community patrol police task and the negative way to the police station, try for the 110 burden, but because the police service, the police force less, did not play the desired effect." Tiexi Public Security Bureau Patrol Police Brigade commissar Wang Zhaoquan said. In July this year, vice mayor of Shenyang City Public Security Bureau Chief Liu Guoxiu with the Liaoning provincial public security department proposed "the people in my heart" theme educational activities, the police in your side — waved on station, immediately do the police duty patrol mode, the Tiexi Public Security Bureau police station to find a starting point in relief on the lack of police force. 7 at the end of this year, the Tiexi Public Security Bureau will be global from the Secretary to the staff of nearly 400 police are all included in the list of 20 additional rotating, a police patrol car, with the city public security organs staff to take the rotating patrol mission, withaccompanying business training and assessment methods introduced at the same time. Tiexi Public Security Bureau police Du Siwen told reporters that he once every 4 to 5 days in a 8 hour rotating patrol in key areas and alleyways to patrol in place. August 19th at 1 am, the police are on the track of the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the district police received instructions, called for the support of a drinking dispute with the incident, the 110. Less than two minutes later, the police patrol car ride Sven and other police patrol car arrived at the same time, sufficient police to resolve a dispute in a timely manner, and at the same time, two. I now have a rotation of 4 flights, independent of the handling of the 15 general police situation, effectively saving the police station police." Du said pleased to say. Tiexi Public Security Bureau Patrol Police Brigade Deputy captain Yu Bin, "police patrol mode for police duty convenience, police organs to help the masses to retire in the street; independently or in conjunction with the police station police source; accept the verbal warning, emergencies etc.. According to statistics, since the end of 7, Tiexi’s Public Security Bureau police patrol car every day to help the masses accept more than 200 pieces, non criminal security alarm more than 300 times, accounting for more than 70% of all the alarm, the police station 110 police cars from the original daily alarming more than and 400 reduced to the current more than and 100, criminal police intelligence fell nearly 30%. (reporter Han Yu Cheung Kwok Keung) (Wang Qichen (Intern), commissioning editor: Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: