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Beauty Wanting lighter or paler skin might sound unusual to people from countries in the Western world. However, in many other countries, skin whitening is practically a .mon process among many women, particularly those who are born with darker .plexion or have dark spots or marks on their skin; those who have experienced sunburn or tanning, with their skin not returning to their original shade, also use skin whiteners. These are absolute musts in cultures and places where lighter skin is seen as a privilege or as a sign of wealth. As a result, women turn to various methods just to obtain the skin color that they want. Some go to dermatologists in order to undergo a process to bleach their skin, and others turn to cosmetic surgery as an alternative. Still, many others who can’t afford such procedures are using whitening soaps, creams, and lotions to get fairer skin, and some even take supplements purported to have whitening properties; glutathione capsules are quite popular in particular, because glutathione is said to have a hand in inhibiting melanin production in the body. Such alternatives are extremely popular and useful to those hoping to have lighter skin, and certain brands have appeared that are consistently gaining the approval and appreciation of many users. One of the most popular ones nowadays is Bio Claire, which is rapidly a favorite among those who want a whitening brand that steers clear of hydroquinone as a whitening agent; hydroquinone has been shown to have cancerous effects, although small amounts of it aren’t as dangerous. Instead, Bio Claire uses bio-vegetal activators to do the job. The Bio Claire line is quite extensive, consisting of products such as gels, lotions, creams, and lightening milk. These products don’t promise instantaneous whitening, of course, and it will take regular and consistent use to really see the results. Melanin formation is progressively hindered until you achieve the color you want. Reviews of Bio Claire have been quite promising, with many people attesting to its effectiveness. Bio Claire is definitely a good option for those who want to get lighter skin, but it is always best to try it out first before buying the .plete line, just in case the products aren’t .patible with your skin. It can be exciting to experiment with a new product, but it won’t do for you to apply something that you might be allergic to. This could cause dis.fort and might even end up with your skin looking worse than when you started out, so be smart and purchase samples for you to try out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: