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Small Internet phenomenon: BAT crazy investment NetEase, why do it? Sohu, science and technology five Internet Co (BAT, NetEase, Jingdong) have three published in the third quarter earnings: Baidu total revenues of 18 billion 253 million yuan, where the removal effect, an actual increase of 6.7%, net profit of 3 billion 102 million yuan ($465 million 200 thousand), an increase of 9.2%. Among them, the proportion of mobile revenue continued to rise by 64%. Ali revenues of 34 billion 292 million yuan, an increase of 55%. Net profit of 7 billion 75 million yuan, representing a decrease of $22 billion 703 million over the same period last year, 69%. Alibaba group adjusted free cash flow of 13 billion 943 million yuan. NetEase net income of 9 billion 212 million yuan ($1 billion 381 million), an increase of 38.1%. Net profit of 2 billion 740 million yuan (US $411 million). Somewhat surprised that people in addition to net profit plunged Ali, and the NetEase’s net profit at Baidu. If you compare roughly the proportion of each net profit accounted for revenue, we can even find that nearly 30% of NetEase’s profit margin is higher than’s $20.6% and Baidu. How can this be explained? In fact, in addition to marketing than Ali to the electricity supplier to reduce the cost of the main business of the company, relative to Tencent, Baidu, NetEase did not see any specific. However, the only exception is that relative to the BAT, even not yet profitable Jingdong in a wide range of investment on its business, NetEase — the market value of the top five Internet Co, there have been massive investment in mergers and acquisitions. So, in order to have the most cash known NetEase, investment in BAT crazy times, why keen on it? BAT investment layout spell ecology, NetEase is more focused on the temper their own business in recent years, with Ali as the typical representative, BAT large-scale mergers and acquisitions investment has not stopped investment from three directions can be seen around the ecological they are trying to build their own business. Ali investment layout: Ali investment ideas about that large-scale investment in the domestic real economy, laying a solid foundation, do the integration of online and offline; looking for business model innovation and disruptive technologies in emerging markets overseas, and support local business success. Especially in the current international strategy driven by Ali, the layout of the overseas market investment has gradually become a major bright spot. Ma Yun and Suning in the signing of the site also said that since last year, Alibaba to increase investment in the domestic real economy, the purpose is not to subvert who, but to work together with the next line to create the future. Tencent investment acquisition territory: in addition to the game, Tencent and Ali’s investment on the surface there are similarities, but there are different internal logic. Tencent based on WeChat and QQ two products, connecting users and content. Therefore, its investment is more like docking with the project, the formation of synergy. The Tencent investment focus covers including O2O, health care, electricity, education, travel, games, social, financial and other contains rich?相关的主题文章: