SONY pictures won the fruit ninja movie rights film adaptation of the game was touted baxia

SONY pictures won the "fruit ninja movie rights film adaptation of the game was touted [TechWeb] News reported in September 29th, early in May this year there was news that the previously popular mobile phone game" fruit ninja "will be made into a movie, but in the news after no movement. Now the "fruit ninja" official exposed part of the plot of the movie is announced, "fruit ninja" adaptation of the right by the new line cinema, and SONY pictures taken, the two will be a joint adaptation. The "fruit ninja" were filmed on the big screen is completely by the influence of "angry birds" in the success of the film, but unlike "angry birds" is the "fruit ninja" will be changed for the movie. There is not much about the film version of the "fruit ninja" news, director, actor and release date were not confirmed, but the screenplay by Chad Damiani and J.P.Lavin, the "doomsday" collapse producer Trip Vincent as a producer, they had been in the movie "heart" the adventure of the shooting had good cooperation. Currently, the producers have teamed up fruit ninja game company Halfbrick Studios launched the preparatory work for the film. It is understood that, as of 2012, April, fruit ninja in the advertising revenue of about $4 billion, while the game’s total monthly revenues of up to $1 million, most of the revenue from paid downloads. But with the rapid development of Mobile Games industry, "fruit ninja" lost favored past, the rapid decline in income. The game will be IP derivative, without revealing to the outside world, many game manufacturers have begun to shadow tour interaction force again. (lime)相关的主题文章: