South Korea’s largest shipping companies to apply for bankruptcy protection of the global shipping i-pigeon blood

South Korea’s largest airlines filed for bankruptcy protection in the global shipping industry in the winter Yitian Zhu according to South Korea’s KBS news network reported that South Korea’s largest shipping company Hanjin will soon enter the legal management program. Hanjin Shipping Company in August 31st at the meeting of the board of directors decided to apply for legal management of the Seoul Central District Court (referring to the frequency of the closure of the enterprise, designated by the court of third management). According to Korean media reported earlier, Hanjin Shipping Company in August 25 to the creditors proposed by Hanjin Group invested 500 billion won ($450 million) independent reconstruction plan for the core content of the funds, but was refused to creditors. The largest creditor, Hanjin Shipping Korea Development Bank (KDB) 30 held in the "about whether to continue to Hanjin additional funds support" the creditor group meeting and officially announced that the creditor bank decision since September 4th to stop the company to provide financial assistance. As a result, the normal operation of Hanjin Shipping is expected to end the 31 meeting of the board of directors, the Seoul Central District Court for bankruptcy protection management. Hanjin Shipping is South Korea’s largest shipping company, has 101 kinds of container ships, with a total capacity of up to 625 thousand and 400 TEUs, transport capacity ranked the world’s eighth. With the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping, the global shipping industry into a mess, this morning, COSCO Shipping has announced a full suspension of cooperation with South Korea into the cabin. Caixin reported that the current Chinese ports to Hanjin Shipping handling operations have completely stopped, a lot of Hanjin container ship has a temporary stop, container has been detained. The past two years Hanjin debt, operating condition. Data show that as of the end of last year, Hanjin debt of more than 6 trillion and 600 billion won ($5 billion 900 million), debt to equity ratio of nearly 850%; in 2016 second quarter loss of 212 billion won the first half of this year, the cumulative loss of 473 billion won hanjin. In addition, the fleet rent negotiations stalled the Hanjin restructuring plan one disaster after another. Analysis of South Korea "Asian economy", although entered the legal management program does not mean the Hanjin would go bankrupt, but all the signs, Hanjin future "revive" and create the possibility of an extremely small industry myth. In fact, not just Hanjin Shipping, Korea, and even the global shipping industry is not good. A number of South Korean shipbuilding companies have announced plans to sell assets and reduce the number of employees. While the global largest shipping group in the first quarter profit of $224 million, a year-on-year decline of 86%. The poor performance of Korean shipping companies even spread to the financial sector in South korea. South Korea’s financial committee and other financial industry today held an emergency meeting to seek ways to reduce the Hanjin Shipping Company to enter the legal management procedures to combat the financial market in South korea. Wall Street knowledge mentioned earlier, due to the sluggish performance of the shipping company, the total non-performing loans held by the Korean banking system has jumped to a new high of 15 years. In June this year, the South Korean government and the central bank announced the launch of the "QE" policy – through the printing of money to help state-owned banks to debt ridden shipbuilding companies and shipping companies to provide financing. South Korean government and South korea.相关的主题文章: